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Published on 2017-10-02 at 12:21
Canada is a vast country that is popular with expats around the world. It is widely regarded as a welcoming country with a friendly population and a wealth of opportunities for those willing to make a move. If you are thinking of expatriating to Canada, or are already there and you are looking for some guidance, our top expat bloggers in Canada may have the right advice for you.

Journal of a City Girl

© Journey of a City Girl

In Journal of a City Girl, Tracey not only gives expats insight into life in Toronto (from her favourite restaurants to the best ways to get around), she also documents her and her husband's travels around Canada, and beyond. Originally from South Africa, Tracey and her husband are keen to explore the world, and this sense of exploration is evident in her blog. With great photos and stories from rural and urban Canada, this is worth a read for anyone thinking of moving to Canada, and Toronto in particular.

Lost In The Leaf City


Lost In The Leaf City is a blog with a difference. While Carolyn does include some of her experiences living in Canada, a large part of the blog is dedicated to helping those thinking of moving or newcomers to Canada. Whether you are looking for tips on different activities available in Calgary for your free time, or advice on applying for citizenship, you are sure to find it on Carolyn's blog. Originally from the Philippines herself, there are particularly useful articles for Filipino's thinking of moving to Canada.

Correr Es Mi Destino

© Correr Es Mi Destino

Having spent the early years of her life in France, Juliette lives in Ottowa Canada, with her husband and son. Not only does she document the travels and adventures of her multi-cultural family in Correr Es Mi Destino, but she also writes about her day to day life. Juliette also writes general interest articles about Canada, on topics such as online gaming and the country's top attractions. If you are interested in learning about life as a freelancer, what to do in Ottowa, or everyday life in Canada, Juliette's blog has something for you.

Dear England, Love Canada

© Dear England, Love Canada

Anne is a former BBC journalist who moved to Canada with her husband (who is from Montreal) and has been documenting her life and travels there on Dear England, Love Canada for the last seven years. Anne is an operatic film-maker and opera aficionado, so expats in Montreal should check out some of her recommendations. With a camera set up in different parts of the woods, animal lovers will also enjoy her posts about the creatures she and her husband have captured in their natural habitat around their home.

Lost Geckos

© Lost Geckos

Putri, originally from Indonesia, currently lives in Quebec, though Lost Geckos is an amalgamation of her life in Quebec, as well as her adventures further afield. She also posts about her personal thoughts and musings, as well as tips on what to do in Quebec. Her love of coffee (Indonesian is her favourite) and enthusiasm for visiting new places makes her blog an enjoyable read whether you are considering moving to Canada, or just looking for a new blog to explore.