I’ve finally made my move to Malta and we’re on our way to set our business up but....now I’d really like to find some lovely people to get to know and share experiences with.

I figured food is always a good idea so who’s interested in a lil brunch or gathering?

Let’s also discuss which part of Malta, which days? And anything else please comment.

Looking forward to it
Naz xx

Hi Naz,

I'm up to weekends brunch, share experiences and meet new people.


Hey thanks for the reply... do u know of places to hold the brunch?

No sure but most places will, just need to pick a location and find some around that area.

that sound like a very good idea. you mean like a potluck brunch?


Welcome to Malta, maybe some thing like below:


there are more brunches.

Have a good week.

I really like this idea of having a brunch and meeting new people, in that case expatriates. That's why I go up this topic in the feed.
I know that there is a few places where this is possible.
Because of work, I'm only available on Sunday morning.
Who's in ?

3 weeks after the last reply, but I'm taking a shot at it, anybody met up? Anyone still up for it?

More like three months.

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