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I recently moved to china working on a tourist visa teaching english. I told my company i had a degree even though they did not ask for one. The case is i have a fake one.... Not understanding the new laws that are now imposed saying they need to be notarised. Can anyone tell me if and what visa my pdoapective employer could arrange for me when i come clean. Thanks

You are in trouble.

China is very flexible, but there s no way you can get a working visa on a fake diploma.  This wasn't always the case. But China has has numerous pedophiles and felons and active criminals coming in and lying and hurting Chinese nationals.  So they really make it difficult to lie.

Do this.  Go to a two year college and take some courses.  Then with the diploma, you can reapply.  This way you are legal.  You don't need to go to Harvard.  China doesn't care.  The difference between a ivy league and a state college is zero.

If you want to teach you will need and ESL and you n't get it unless you have an ESL.  Good golly, what's the problem?  Go ahead and get the certificates.

You are already breaking the law by working on a tourist visa. No reputable employer would allow this. You must have a work visa before you enter China. Only establishments with government authority to employ foreigners can provide you with the means to obtain a work visa. Both you and they would be in serious trouble if caught and you will be banned from China.

The the fact that your current employer has hired you while on an L visa already shows that they are willing to skirt legalities, however when it comes time to organize your FEC they wont be able to do much if you dont have the proper authenticated documents.

My advice would be to let them know asap so they dont start any visa application process that will end up dashed by lack of documentation.

With the current requirements of criminal background checks and diploma authentications being forced on every entry/exit bureau in China, there really are no ways for avoiding a crackdown on teachers who cannot provide proof of required bachelor's degrees.

I don't know how far you have gone with this BUT,  (if) you have NOT come clean yet,
you can get an American notary done here in Sanya.  (American Notary).    (Reply only to TryDoc[at]

Notary of a document from China side American embassy will not suffice for entry/exit bureau platform. Documents must be authenticated the the Chinese embassy/consulate in home country.

You need the proper documents to apply for a work permit, if you have F or L visa, in my understanding that is what you have. The new visa requirements are very precise and  to the point. You really need to have authenticated documents both of your Diploma and Police Clearance and should be done from your home country.  I wish there are other ways, from my experience it was a long wait and a lot of work. Good luck!

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Seriously?!!!! Working on a students visa with a fake degree?! I think that your company shouldn't help you with any kind of visa!

I do have to agree with @ingabela.

You are in a Communist nation that will give you a death sentence if you sell one MDMA pill. Yet, here you are.  Working illegally. Using bogus documents to "prove" that you have both a university education, and the knowledge to teach verb conjugation.

This is not 2006.  China has tightened up all the loophole that permitted people to come in and abuse the system.

I would suggest you leave before you get into trouble.

To get a work visa you need to have a work permit (also known as Foreign Expert Certificate). To get a work permit, you need to have a bachelor degree. The bachelor degree needs to be certified by the university, by your home country department of foreign affairs, and by a Chinese consulate or the Chinese embassy in your home country. I haven't heard of a way around this requirement. Some people work in China on a tourist visa or a business visa, but that is illegal - if you get caught you'll be kicked out of the country.

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