Jazz enthusiasts in HCMC?


i play jazz guitar and im looking for some musicians to jam with and start gigging with.

whatever you play get ib touch and well bash out a few tunes for fun.



i m in  let s catch up next month ( i m away till mid of december ) and i play guitar also ( drum also but quite rusty ) .. blues or whatever , no big level but .. hey who care ?


would you be interested in giving me a few lessons. Im quite rusty with the guitar but i am still a little bit better than a beginner.


yes of course! at the moment im only free in the evenings and on tuesday. i have 2 guitars here if you want to come to Binh Thanh or i dont mind meeting you somewhere.

Ive only been here 6 weeks and dont know many people yet so it would be a pleasure to meet and play guitar.

text me on ***whenever you fancy meeting.



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Hi James,

Iv only been here one week so i also dont really know many people. lol.
Add me on facebook (carly sacks). I couldnt see your number as the post was modified.
I live in district 4


Hi Carly,

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Thank you.

hi carly, there was a few carly sacks, hopefully ive added you and not someone else.

Welcome to HCMC. Ive been here 6 weeks so far, love it.

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