Studying English and IB Diploma Programme in Phillipines (Cebu)

Hello everybody,
My name is Thu. I come from Vietnam and I am a grade 11 student. I have a plan to study in Canada for university but now my English is not good at listening and speaking. People said that Philippines was a good enviroment to practise English so I would like to learn English in Philippines. But I still have to continue high school in Vietnam to not be interupted or when I finish high school in Vietnam, I think it will be late... Therefore I wonder if I should learn both English and IB Diploma Programme (as I found Phillipines don't have high school). Please give me some advices. And could you introduce me about education in Philippines? I am looking for the area which have good English voice and the school teach IB Diploma Programme well. I found out Cebu International School, please give me your thought about it and recommend for me school you think it is good and not very expensive :D
I hope I will receive your help. Thank you very much!! ^^

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