Friends in KL


Been in the city for almost 25 days now. Initial impressions- quite confusing actually. The city looks nice and green and pretty... But that's about it. My first disappointment was not being able to celebrate Holi.. and then not being able to watch India-Australia match :-( The initial charm is getting eroded..

Would be nice to have a nice circle of friends.. somebody who likes exploring the place... photography...watching TV... Indian movies... traveling... and just general chit-chat..

Hope to hear soon..


same like me.... been here for a week but was at least fortunate to watch the match on big screen in some restaurant....called Sutra....
don't miss the semi final....ok..!!



Where is it... !! i dont want to refresh and refresh my facebook or cricinfo webpage on Wednesday!!..

Hi Richa and Pkjindal...

Richa, I guess u dont know the right places already...:)
near the place where I live (little India) they were showing the game in almost every restaurant that has a screen...and I guess they will do it again for India-Pakistan...

Pkjindal are u talking about the Sutraa bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang?

I have few indian friends here, and we go quite often for indian restaurants, organize bollywood movie session in flat of one of them, go to indian clubs...then u may want to join us someday?

regarding myself i come from France but am very interested in indian culture, i have started learning hindi and then would like to know more people from India...:)

i wont be around for a short while but dont hesitate to let me know if u want to meet up some day around cheese naan-tandoori-lassi or anything else..;)

see u soon


Wow Naseem... :-) Hindi and all.. impressive. How much can you speak now... so may be we can talk in Hindi when we meet next.

hey richa i experienced pretty much the same problems as you did. I am from Pakistan and looking forward to meeting new friends. i also get sick n tired of watching the matches online. streaming stops evry now and then . wednesday match is going to b big :)

I like indian movies too . we can also hav some chit chat some time :)


Yeah Wednesday is a biggg day!!!  Am sure Pakistan is equally excited.

oh I just reminded they have few bars in Bangsar too...especially one with at least a dozen of screens and they were displaying cricket last time I passed by this weekend...
might be better than little india as I remind almost only men watch the game there...

i m a beginner in hindi, it s only my third lesson as I came back recently to Malaysia and decided to learn it seriously...:)

basically all what I will be able to say is "Namaste! ap kya kaise hai? mera naam Nassim hai, aur ap, apka naam kya hai? Malaysia bahut accha hai!" I hope i can progress faster if I have few hindi speaking friends...:)

Wah wah Naseem..Bahut acha ( wow Naseem, this is really nice)

yeah very much excited :) . n naseem ur hindi is good man bht achee :)

Hello Naseem ;)

I confirm that your Hindi rocks :D

haha..thanks to u all...I m limited coz we didnt learn the verbs yet, then I can only make sentences with verb "be"...but I ll come back soon with more...;)

am sure you'll learn it soon..

do you know of anybody who can teach Mandarin... My grandfather always wanted me to learn Mandarin since the time i was in class 1... I think i can fulfill his wishes.. checked couple of classes on weekend and wanted something on Saturday. Could not find that...

Hi Richa saad here from pakistan almost a month before i came in malaysia i have no frndz there may i frndshp wd u......

Hello KLites

Just moved to KL on work after spending 10yrs in London- orginially from Mumbai. Richa, Reemz and Nassim if you guys are meeting up- a drink with like minded souls would be most welcome.

Keep me posted


Hi Guys, I am Yuga and i'm Malaysia and staying in KL. Welcome to Malaysia and i feel bad coz you guys missed the match.
Richa i think your grandfather was right about learning Mandarin :) Coz i am in Taiwan now and its so hard to communicate with Taiwanese. Anyway if you guys need any help in KL, you guys can email me at yuga_bala[at] I am not a guide but i can refer you to the right place :)
Have fun guys.
*Nassim for some reason, i understand your hindi. haha good work man.


woah what a coincidence,been here for about 25 days was well, arrived in malaysia on the 16th of april :)

hey guys,

i'm from morocco i have been ere for 1 year now actually my friends are from india and i just started learning Hindi but here is quit difficult to make friends and even if, its hard to hang out as each one leaves in a different places whenever u have something let me know


I could teach you basic Mandarin since it's my mother tongue. :)

Btw, I was previously based in India.

PM me.

hi ,
I am from India ,Kolkata ...where u live in KL ?
Lets be friends...

Hi aaki2!

Welcome to!


hi hello every body
am from saudi arabia
I have been here in malaysia  from the beginning of 2009 and am living in kl :)
guys and girls if u wanna hang out for some of the best places here in kl I can take u there I know almost all the nice places :) :)
and really would like to hang out with people from different country :)

Hi guys I am from Pune, India.I have been here since 3 weeks and have learnt only one thing: Food Ho to India Jaisa, warna na ho!!!

Hi Richa,

How are you? Hope you are enjoying Malaysia.

Dont worry KL is cool place. You can enjoy here.

Hello guys.i m new on this site i m moving to kuala lumpur in mid of sept.i want to make new friends in kl bcoz i want to live in kl.does anybody want to be my friend.:)

Hi there
most likely you do not know where to look.

I was a Raj Kapoor in my previous life and for the future if I reborne again I would not know what to tell people becauce at the moment I am Australian only by passport.

Do not give up, you will find that Malaysia the country.

As you can see things start happening.

Karakas Mahatma Raj Halit49

Hi everyone!, Welcome to Malaysia! My name is Balvin but better known as Raj. I am a Punjabi, born and raised in Malaysia. Enjoyed reading all your postings. I would love to share my knowledge about KL and if anyone feels like have a drink together sometime. I have a local dance group in Kuala Lumpur. We dance bhangra and bollywood n we have a dance studio in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. We perform at weddings and corporate functions. I am always on the look out for people who can dance well and also choreograph dances. Please email me at rsaigal.sep[at] if you are interested or know of anyone who will be. Male and female are welcome. Btw, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Cheers!

Hey, this is a really nice thread. Add me to your group, people. Let's all meet sometime!

Richa, thanks for starting this nice conversation!

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