Cambridge English School Mangaf

I have just accepted a teaching job in CES Mangaf. I'm trying to find any new teachers starting in September or does anyone have any updates of what the school is like now.

I'm going there as well but i will be based in Hawally

Thanks for getting back. It's my  1st time teaching abroad and have been frustrated with the process for everything I guess that's how things operate very slowly.  I'm flying out on the 25th but have no idea about accommodation.  So they tell you very soon before the flight? Do you know of any other teachers from Mangaf?

Hi mate

I'm flying on the same day around 15h00 but as for the accommodation i know that i will sharing with another teacher although i haven't got any ideas about it.
I just hope we will be picked up at the airport .
Maybe i will see you at the airport.

Hey! I'm flying out on the 27th and will be in school accomodation! What do you both teach? Add me on faceboook if you can - Leanne Job

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