Moving to Kuwait in a couple of weeks

Hi everyone , I have recently just found this expat website and I am hoping to get in touch with some teachers who are already living in Kuwait that can provide me with advice etc and people like me about to move there in a few weeks time to start an exciting teaching career in Kuwait.

Just a little bit about me, I have recently graduated in England and am now in the last couple of weeks preparing my move to Kuwait. I leave on the 10th of August from Manchester and while this is an exciting time for me it is also an anxious time. Kuwait appears to be a country where there is not that much information on via the internet so it has been difficult to get a feel of exactly what the country will be like. I guess my major concern is many expats claiming how boring the lifestyle is there and how difficult it is to make friendships and settle in. I am really hoping this is not the case and I will be in a friendly environment with the opportunity to make a great social network out there.

Are there any recommended health clubs to join and what area is considered to be the best to live in in Kuwait? I have been looking at Palms beach club and that seems to be a favourite of mine so far to join and hopefully meet new people.

Finally, is it just me feeling anxious about my move and I need to get a bit of a grip here haha the lack of information from my school I will be teaching at makes me somewhat nervous.

Kate x

Hi Kate,

I feel your anxiety.  I'm moving from the US to teach. I'm currently an assistant Principal here. Luckily I have a few friends who already teach there. We are all in a group chat with us new teachers. It definitely helps to have some support from folks that have already been thru this. I will also ask them about health clubs. We all will live in Teacher housing so I'm not sure about best places to live. It's quite a journey!

Hi and welcome on board.

Kuwait is a small country with good opportunities for work and business for those who have experience and knowledge.

Life style sometimes is boring here but on the other hand there are good benefits such good salary ,a career which you like and gaining international experience.

People see Kuwait in different ways based on their experience so that when can here your experience will different.

The bottom line Kuwait is safe and peaceful.

I am headed there soon too and I kind of Chuckle at boring. I grew up on a farm  in a place like Mayberry. Not theaters, not malls. A Walmart and a McDonalds was about it. Talk about boring. Lol.

Hehehehe, i'm writing you now from Palms Beach Club. I'd Renommend that for you. Unless you lived somewhere far away.
Is that " the British school of Kuwait" if yes. That is the school where I graduated from. Nice one :)

Wish you a pleasant stay in Kuwait.

If you need more information .. you can send me your questions, I'd do my best to answer.

Kuwait has many malls , restaurants,cafes and cinemas. All these things looks nice at beginning but after staying a while here , you will feel bored and what make it worse is the extreme heat of Kuwait weather !

Hi Kate,

I'm on the same boat too. My wife and I are flying over from the UK towards the end of August. I'll be with the British Council as an English language teacher and my wife a personal trainer at a gym.

Where will you be located?

hello there where in Kuwait

Welcome to Kuwaiti wish you a pleasant stay.

My advice is that you search for health club according to the area you will live in


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Hi everyone 👋🏼
I'm moving to Kuwait at the end of the month too.
Just wondering if there is many outdoor spaces (parks, running tracks etc) to enjoy when the weather cools?



Outdoors in sommer is not a great idea, but it works sometimes, but starting from October to May you'll find a lot of Outdoor places for jogging and other activities.
Enjoy your time in Kuwait

Hey that is great. I will be living in Hamally Block 6 I believe : )

I move out in the 25th! How you feeling?

Hi, I think I'm going to be living in the Funaitees area. Seems quite far from the main part of Kuwait City.
Hopefully won't feel too isolated! On the plus side, it'll be easier to save money! Lol.
Are you still waiting for your visa or have you got everything sorted now?


Mostly everything is sorted just waiting for one thing to come back and then I can go get my visa! Then I have to start packing 🙈

Hawally I am going to staying! I'm not really sure how far it is from Kuwait City ; but I think Kuwait is quite small in general so shouldn't feel too far away from everything!

Lot of places to enjoy if yu need a guide contact me safe trip

Thanks for your reply. Living in a block with other teachers will really help in settling in I reckon. Only one day left till I move there so will probably check out the health clubs this weekend and see which is nicest and not too far....

Safe journey & good luck with everything 😊

We use the 3 pins electricity plug "type-G", if it's not similar to the place where u come from, make sure u bring an adapter with for the first days or get one at the airport

Hello there.  Welcome to Kuwait and I would like to meet new people coming to Kuwait and help them.  My name is Dawood I am waiting for your reply my message.

Hi Kate, Kuwait is a nice country don't worry , Only very hot in summer
have you already arrived?... feel free to inbox me for any queries my friend..

Hello everyone
Everything is sorted, flying from London Heathrow airport on Friday 25th , getting anxious. I should be staying in Hawally. Is there any gym to recommend?


there are a lot. when you arrive your area fine nearby your place easy

welcome to Kuwait katty wish to be ur friend if ok to u

Dawood good evening from the UK. Have just sent you a request to connect.

thanks for your request
my email: ***
my mobile

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