The Country Club Malaysia (holiday membership) Fake

The Country Club Malaysia (holiday membership) Fake

Recently (2017-07) I got a call from a person saying that I won a gift voucher by The Country club.
The guy invited me with family to a “Patent House Bukit Bintang” for collecting the gift. When we reached there, the guy politely offered seats and after 5 minutes they told to take some survey/counseling which will be for 30 to 45 minutes they told. Initial they explain brief about the gift voucher after all over then they started explaining about the membership it went more than 2 hours / 3 hours … I try to say I will not pay now after few days I will join but they didn’t allow to go out they say whatever you have please pay to block offer either use credit/debit card, if credit card we will convert to 24 months EMI etc that day mesmerized (he done some magic to change by brain) us to take offers I pay initial few XXXX K RM amount i.e. for 10 years membership plan. I paid a lumsum of money and ended up in trouble.

So they provided me 2 voucher one is free gift voucher and another one is membership offers
When we come and check that day night about the voucher my phone number was wrong 2nd think both voucher has same code
When new went to site to book/redeem the voucher it say already used

Latter I contacted them regarding the above issue. They say no problem there may be mistake we will give new voucher in email etc again and latter asking when you will pay the remaining money etc
When I ask more question they are not able to answer

Next day when I requested to cancel my membership, the guy fought with me for an hour.
Lot of arguments between me and him. Nothing helped me and he is keep forcing me to give
Remaining amount to complete the membership....

This is a kind of scam and never come across such sort of situations, till this incident.
I am very uncomfortable, shaked due to this incident. Now I am unable to concentrate on
my work and daily routines.....

I know by this review, chances are very lean to get my money back. But I want no one else
get into trouble like me from them......

Please make a Police Report about this scam at your nearest station.

These scams come in various flavours but all are basically the same.
As for not letting you out, a place did that to me but I have a bad temper and the means to get it open without the key so they backed down sharpish.
I can understand how many people would feel intimidated and that's how these evil little sods get away with the scam.
Follow the above suggestion and pop to the cops.

Yesterday I posted on another forum

They have removed/Deleted it from forum itself
I created today as well again in the forum

Please share your comments there as well and forward to many group as much as possible

Todays post on that forum also removed
so they have some setting in this site admin as well

they are not allowing to post such scam detials / wantedly removing it

You can't name names but saying the scammers are using a company name is fine

Yes you may be able to get your money back but you should act very quickly. Contact your credit credit issuing bank and explain the problem which is basically fraud, and ask them to reverse the payment that you have made. Your bank has the right to take back the money and credit it back to your account.

Same thing happen with me.Can you share your contact details?I would like to speak with you.

My contact details are :  ***

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Prabut2010..same thing happened with me.
Got cheated by them on 5-10-2017.. ***
Lets get connect and discuss

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For security reasons it is unsafe to post your contact details on the open forum. Use the message system for this

ok thanks

prabut2010 ,I have send you personal message.please read it and reply back.thanks

Same pattern here,, cheated in April 2017, need some more people to join and file a complain about them, lets catch up.

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