Trash pickup. Organic vs inorganic waste bins

In front of my villa are two bins.  One blue bin labeled "Inorganic" and one purple bin labeled "Organic".  What do I put in each bin?

As of this very second I've been putting plastics and noncompostables in the inorganic bin, and anything that'll decompose (paper, cardboard, metal, and food waste) in the organic bin.

Also, I noticed people walking around picking up cardboard and other recyclables.  Are these people scrappers?  (do they turn this stuff in for money?)

im not sure where you live, but in the end, trust me both will go into the same heap. i appreciate your green thumb, but the mentality of the country is not geared towards recycling.

altho i am intrigued to see these bins, please post a pic or something.[1] by [url=[at]N08/]William Grow[/url], on Flickr

Boom Shakalaka!  :D

Blue one is inorganic, purple one is organic. 

Yeah, I kind of thought they might all go to the same place.  But still, I had hope.

On the subject, I saw a man walking through my neighborhood carrying folded up boxes on his head.  I asked the taxi driver and was told that he was collecting boxes and recycling them for money.  Since then I've made it a point to leave my boxes out to the side and out of the trash.

Cheers guys, and thanks for the reply ;)


Bill i must admit, i love your enthusiasm!

its pretty cool, hopefully the trash cans are used properly - my company has a bin for plastic and a bin for paper, but imagine my surprise when i open the paper one to find... plastic.

about the boxes - it is not that he recycles them :P he sells the empty boxes, coz people need boxes in their lives when they are moving etc. so he takes those to make use of them. which is  a good service, win-win for all.

Oh wow, that's crazy (and cool).  You know, this isn't my first time living overseas and I've been here for about 5 months now but man is it amazing how often I find myself culture shocked by this place :)

I've ran some experiments since we last posted. On a few separate occasions I've set a bag of beer cans, empty (and rinsed out) soup cans, and clean glass off to the side of my garbage cans in plastic bags and all three times the bags got picked up within the course of about 3 hours or so.  I'd like to think they got used somewhere or turned in for a bit more cash.

So yeah, as of right now it looks like I have my recycling program  :P

Good times

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