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I am moving to Ho Chi Minh on August 14th 2017 - basically I'd just like to know anything and everyhting about the city and what to do etc! I am moving out there to start work as an ESL teacher with Major Education.

Also would love to meet anyone who wants to talk face to face as well!



Hey Seb!

Always good to meet new faces 😁 I won't actually be here when you arrive, but I'll be back in September!

I've only been here 9 months, but I'll certainly be happy to share what I've found out so far 🙂


Vietnam is a nice place and once you're settled in, im sure you will like it.
Theres alot of stuff to see and do however, it all depends on your interests and the type of person you are.

Are you the type that likes to go sight seeing and discover what the city has, history of the place, museums, ect.. or are you the type to head to bars for some beers and watch sports? either way, both of these are available in Ho Chi Minh.  ;)

The weather here will be quite different from the uk. Its hot, humid and rains a fair bit this time of the year.. The traffic is crazy at times and lots of motorbikes on the road especially during the rush hour in the evening. However saying that, its better than some places ive been to in Asia.  :)

You will find the city wakes up early in the morning and so lots of people getting about their daily business. Its their culture and the Vietnamese, from what i saw, they work day night rain or shine! They are not shy of work and every person is trying to earn their daily living.

If you like coffee shops, there's quite a few of these and rather nice ones too.
Saying that, there's a wide range of Vietnamese food and if you like oriental food then Ho Chi Minh has some great eateries, from street food to a different Asian restaurants such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean and even Indian!
You will also find a wide variety of fruits in Ho Chi Minh or in Vietnam in general. From cocunut juice to papaya, mangosteens, rambutan to name a few. I highly recommend you to try them as there are delicious and very refreshing in the hot weather.

If theres anything specific youre after, feel free to post and im sure you will get good responses as this forum is very active.  :)

Enjoy your stay in Vietnam.  :top:


Hi Seb,

I'm Saigonese, so feel free to contact me for anything you want to know about the upcoming trip to HCMC.

Cheers :)

why don't you join to Internation? They hold official expat meeting every month there. It is strange that I hardly find some meetings like this in, but however, this forum works better as an online community.

You can join expat in Vietnam group in facebook ( … ref=SEARCH)  so that you can find plenty of house advertisings and also join some activities there.

There are many places where you can hang out and meet people just by looking in those groups in fanpage such as Saigon Outcast ( or Mundo Lingo (if you want to learn language). I am quite lazy to text every detail here, but by joining, you can meet a lot of expats and locals to understand the lifestyle of Vietnam.


and one more thing... Welcome to Saigon. :)
You will be busy in this bustle city. I am sure. Enjoy to the fullest.

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