Schengen Visa Joining EU citizen

Hello People

I am Just new on this website. So i would like to share about my experience which is still to be continue story because it's still on processing.

Well I am Indonesian. I am Married. And my husband is British Citizen and he lives and working in sweden in the last 3-4 years. We just married on Desember In Indonesia. And my husband left me to back to work in march so i am still alone here In Indonesia with my family.

My husband been looking alot information how to get me there in Sweden until we found the answer from facebook group. Some people suggested us to apply SPOUSE VISA SCHENGEN JOINING EU CITIZEN. We follow the rules and following what people advised us on the group. And so far it is getting better and good. So the visa is 100% free visa fee. And my husband just need to attach his appartement contract and work contract only. No need tax approvement-No need Bank statement-No need marriage certificate registry (but if it needed we already have them).

We did not believe how easy it is until we contacted the embassy it self and its all true. They answer because my husband is the EU and UK citizen and they have different rules.

We are so happy that it's all getting better. And soon we knew that we will be together asap this year. See You Sweden 😘

I love sharing this to you.

Thank you.

Hey Christa Merry Snape :)

Thank you for sharing this, I am sure it can be useful to others. Glad that it's going well for you and that you will be with your husband very soon.

SimCityAT Expert Team

So i have been in Sweden since 3rd juli. And i applied the residence permit on 25th juli and then it was granted on 11th august. So it less then 11 month for me to get the permit. So everything goes well now. And I'm only waiting for my personal number which can be done soon.
Well i think i'm so lucky.

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