I give up - Gotta learn Thai

Now we are relocating to Chon Buri East Pattaya in 10 days I have after ages of constant nagging from the other half decided (or she has decided) that in exchange for her going to English classes I am to learn Thai.  Could anybody kindly recommend anywhere that doesn't cost a lot of money where I can learn basic Thai, enough to get by. I thank you in advance for any assistance given, regards Jeff

I can recommend a course of audio lessons.  I started with a basic Thai Pimsluer course.  It consists of thirty, 30 minutes lessons.  No reading or writing, just listen and repeat.  Very repetitive, but it will give you a good starting point.  I have the lessons downloaded.  When you get to Pattaya, send me a PM.  If you have a memory stick I'll put them on for you.  I'm not far as I live in Jomtien.

That sounds great many thanks indeed, ill drop you a line when i'm there, regards Jeff

are you about hoistman

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