Recruitment agency set up info required

dear all,

i want to open a recruitment agency in mauritius. i am a mauritian but i do not know the way ahead. i would like to get more info on the procedures i need to go through in order to make it happen.

thanks in advance

I have a recruitment agency.
The legal way is to incorporate your company and then apply for recruitment license.

Hi Nadeem,

if you could please specify the places i should go in order to proceed. what is the estimated cost of such business. leave me a contact num where i could contact you. thanks


Hello sir,
If you can recruit Nepalese worker then we will talk more in regarding topic. Thanks

You have to contact the Ministry of Labour.
Or check their website. It's quite detailed and the cost are also on the forms.
There's a security deposit if you want to deal with foreign labour, which is quite restrictive.

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