Fun Volleyball for everyone

Hey guys we are starting too play some volleyball just for fun. All levels are welcome, and if you have never played before your welcome also. Cost is Free. We will play this Friday the 10th of March at 11am. We will be playing at the arena at the main campus of Payap University. Plenty of parking, we do require that your at least 4 foot 11 plus, so no kid unless your that big and do not mind an accidental bad word from us adults.  You need to wear some sort of shoe, it is a hard court covered, and very cool. So, we would like to play 6 on 6 , ya know so we do not have to bust a gut over it. So if you have not played in years, or think your out of shape , your not, come meet us and have some fun. Please let me know if you are coming so I can get a head count.

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Perhaps you could drop an advert in the Chiang Mai classifieds under the Events, activities, leisure section so that members easily find the activity and contact you.

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thanks I just did.

Hey, I'd like to come.  I'm an old guy (57), haven't played v-ball for a few years, but can still jump up and down a bit!  Looking forward to this!

Hey , that is great, I'm and old gale of 58 but, still love to play. We will be changing the day for next week, this week we will not have enough people, but next week we should. We will let you know the day for next week soon. Susie

This Friday for Volleyball will be canceled , but we will give you heads up on next weeks play. Susie

Phooey... OK we'll get 'em next week!

I know  call me Sunday and let me know if you plan to play Monday. SUsie

Hello,, still playing? Would like to join!

We do not have enough players. Sorry.

Hi, they have all the equipment, it cost 20 baths to play. From airport plaza , go on 108 towards the city. at the first traffic light turn down the one way street on the left. Plenty of parking. You will see a green car parked up road . You will see the court. Thanks for the call. Looking forward to having you play.
You will also see the red taxi trucks parked of the side of the street. The court is all fenced in and looks like a basketball court.

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