New members of the Switzerland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Switzerland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Switzerland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Thank you, I will wait for reactions on my post. See for my abilities on [link moderated] as a multi disciplined artist and interior artist.

Hello all,

I am Vanna from Cambodia, currently still in Cambodia, and have swiss boyfriend and probably move to Lucern on Aug.
I am here looking for some friends and especially Cambodian. Hopefully I can use this site seeking for volunteering  job.

Thank you,

Hello everyone,
Flora Gross here living happily in Switzerland.

Hello, my name is Derrick, i am a professional Athlete and have played in a few different countries at high levels. I am engaging in a international project to bring Elite and professional trainers to Switzerland with high level skills to help the youth development and mentorship to cater to those who have passion and simply enjoy the game of basketball. I am hosting a series of camps that will be public at College Reymond Arnold in Pully in April over Easter break with a atmosphere more known to expats.  Looking forward to networking and having some support and building a great event for all to enjoy. And publicising this for expats as an alternative for those who have children who would be interested.
contact us here, or by email xxxx for more information.

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Hello, I'm Jonás, from Spain. I'm actually studying Sociology, finishing next year the career. I'm just looking for information about how could I do a PhD in the future in Switzerland or work as a University teacher there, because here in Spain I don't have many information about how could I work as University teacher in other countries, so, any information or help would be really appreciated from you.

get information from ETH University

I am new in this site...Want to chat wiht peopel from Swizlerland..

Hello everyone,

I have recently decided to move to Switzerland with my boyfriend (who is currently living in Basel), I have been living in Dallas, TX for the last 10 years but I grew up in Spain, very excited about this new adventure! : )

I am Martin, from Uganda, currently i am living in Uganda in the capital Kampala. i am planning to travel to Switzerland soon.

I am on this blog to basically know how life moves on Switzerland, how can i get a working permit, how can i get jobs over there and many other things

Hi all!

I'm from Melbourne, Australia.
Am looking to head to Geneva in late August for a 3 month internship.

Hope to learn some ins and outs of Geneva, and hopefully find a cheap place to stay too!


Hi all,

I am from George in South Africa and am passionate about mountains and RF engineering!

I am registered as a professional engineering technologist in Radio- and TV Transmitter Broadcasting Technologies and have 27 years experience in the field.  I would like to continue my work experience in Switzerland. My dream is to work on broadcasting high sites in the Alps. I am willing to be based anywhere in Switzerland and start at a low career level to proof myself.

I will appreciate it if someone can put me in touch with Swisscom Broadcast Transmitter guys.

Best regards.


I am a Turkish girl, after living in China for 4 years i came back to Turkey.
I stayed in USA for a short time.

Now i mind to go Switzerland,to get new and fresh things to my life.

Hi all,

I am from Mauritius and been living in Canada for the past 5 years. In the middle of July, heading to Zurich with my husband. We are both foreigners to Swiss and i have been reading up on this site for information. Excited for this new phase of life to begin! Would be great to meet some couple friends or just friends in general since we don't know anyone there.

I am Zan from Singapore and i am in zurich for a work trip. i would love to meet some new friends here for a drink or dinner :D  if you are and interested for a meet up as well, feel free to drop me a text and we can arrange a time! :D

Hello !!!

Hello!! I am puspa , Ich bin aus indonesien. I am learning German and have a plan to move to Switzerland.
I live at the moment in Bali, Indonesia. I work as Human Resources Manager Group in Hospitality Industry.
I ve been work in Hospitality Industry for 7 years.
I have strong desire to move to Switzerland, first because the incredible nature in there, second my BF is from Switzerland too.
He lives in Zurich.
I would like to connect with people who have same mission as me or have a big dream to gain experiences abroad.
I just found this website today, was so excited, I am we could share a alot information in here.



I am Javi, from Badalona and living in Bern for some years.



I"m Le from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Been in Lausanne for sometimes, but just signed up here/

Hi all! Im Anneke and im from Indonesia. Ive been living in Zweisimmen, Switzerland for 2 months now. Hope i can get some new friends here 😊😊

Hi i am Nadia from Malaysia. Currently still living in Malaysia. But i am moving to Swiss to live with my mom this September. I am half Swiss half Malaysian. I graduated in Degree in Biology and hoping to find a job in that field. Or any good job. I am hoping to find others like me and would like to have some advice in looking job and so on. And i would like to meet friends from all over the world that might help me, Malaysian or indonesian are very welcomed to contact me. Thank you

Hello I'm Tony, just moved to Basel few days ago.

I will probably start to discover the city during this week end, If you any good places or activities in Basel I'm interested. Well also looking some buddies to hang out, let's have a coffee!

Btw the flat that I rent has a shower that is making color lights! How great is that ahah if I stay longer I would see all the rainbow, is that the standard in Basel ? =D

Hi Anneke. I am living in Oberwil near Basel. Not easy to make friends in Switzerland. I am Swiss and maybe not the kind of friend you are looking for, but hey...I am here just in case.
Regard Dom

Hello! I am Elena, I am a PhD student, currently living in Lausanne. I would be happy to meet fellow expats. I am new on this site so I am not sure how things work (event-wise) but feel free to tap me a message if you feel like organizing an event (beach volley, swimming etc) or want go out an evening! Hope to hear back from you :)

Hi Dom, thanks! Nice to meet you

Hi Anneke
how are you doing? Where are you living?
If you like my facebook account is Dominique Quenet. You can send me a friend request there, if it is not bad what you see there.

Nice to meet you too. Like to have contact?

Hi there, I am Kari looking for roommates to share a whole house in Wollerau, fiscal paradise in Switzerland. The shared costs are only 1330 CHF per month! house is big 6 rooms and 3 toilets. Contact me ASAP if you are interested we can arrange a visit, the house is renovated with garden, fantastic view, park slots and 2 floors! It's a great opportunity. Have a nice thought about it..Kari ;)

Kari8 :

Hi there, I am Kari looking for roommates to share a whole house in Wollerau, fiscal paradise in Switzerland. The shared costs are only 1330 CHF per month! house is big 6 rooms and 3 toilets. Contact me ASAP if you are interested we can arrange a visit, the house is renovated with garden, fantastic view, park slots and 2 floors! It's a great opportunity. Have a nice thought about it..Kari ;)

Wollerau is in Kanton Schwyz only 15/20 min by car to Zurich!

Hi All,

I just joined yesterday and new to this forum.  I am originally from Mauritius, lived and worked in Australia for 10 years and recently moved to Lausanne, Switzerland :)

My husband and I moved to Lausanne due to his new job which he has already started and I am now seeking new opportunities on my side.  Would love to meet new people both socially and professionally.  I have worked in a Bank for over 8 years now across various sectors - Private Banking, Corporate/Industry, Retail and Business Banking.

I am also seeking volunteer opportunities and started to look at some.  Feel free to get in touch!

Valerie  :)

Hi everybody! :-)

im Deborah from Cameroon .looking for a tourism and hospitality job in Switzerland. Presently work as a personal assistant,fleet manager and office secretary.
Hope to someday get an opening to have a study and work program.


HI everyone!
I'm Cristian and I moved here in Zurich with my future wife last April. We gonna get married at the end of sSptember!
I've been employed by a Swiss company as site manager/project construction manager, but... I'm looking forward to finding Another company soon!!! Cross our fingers!!
That's it! Thanks for having welcoming me, guys!!!

Hi all, just joined the site. I'm a working professional. Really keen on moving to swiss. Seeking guidance and assistance.


Hi, I am Carolina, a Chilean Architect.
I will be moving to Switzerland in less than 2 months with my family.

Hi guys. I'm from Indonesia. I lived in switzerland before and now came back for good! Anyone would like to meet up in Geneva, hit me up!

Hi everyone!

My name is Carlos and I am from Spain. I am Business Administration and Management graduate with a major in Marketing and a Master in Entrepreneurship. I am planning to move to Switzerland as soon as I find a job there in the sales/marketing/strategy areas, so any help/tips which can help are highly appreciated, or even a “Good luck” message is quite motivating :)

I am also here to connect with people and offer my help either you are living already in Switzerland or you are at the same stage as I am. So feel free to contact me if you think I can help!

It is a pleasure to be part of this community and hope we can all contribute to help each other in our journey. I will gladly help you with whatever I can!

All the best for you!

Hi All!
My name is Erin and I am moving to Switzerland in December, from Dublin, Ireland. I will be working in Boudry but I hope to live in Lausanne.
I am hoping to get involved in as many social events/ activities as possible and hopefully make some new friends! My accommodation is likely to be in Neuchatel for the short term while I try and find a room/ small apartment in Lausanne so I will be keeping the ear to the ground for something suitable! Any advice on settling in is very much appreciated, particularly as I do not have French (but I am hoping to learn) and this is a concern of mine!

Hi Elena,
I would like to say Hi to you. I am new in Lausanne and looking for some friends...

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