Must see Kuwait in 3 days

as salaamu alaykum and hello,

I would like to visit kuwait for 3 days, please make  suggestions, all advice is welcome !

any recommendations on the hotels and must see sites, and must do's

wow. no help.. in the saudi forum u would have answers in half an hour


Why the rush dear?

Well hotels are damn expensive here, so it all depends on your budget, I can suggest Ibis which is around 40 KD per night or if you want cheaper options, I can tell you about furnished apartments.

As for places to see, It's all about restaurants and malls here, those are the must:

1- The Avenues Mall

2- Murouj ( a restaurant area)

3- Kuwait Towers

4- Grand Mosque

5- Souk Al-Mubarakiya

6- Arabella (another restaurants complex)

7 - Al Shaheed Park

8 -Scientific center area

9 -Marina Crescent ( for breakfast)

Well when you arrive let us know :)

Thank you for your reply. Any beaches worth checking out

Not really, but if you must go, then Khiran, which is down south, close to Saudi border. Now is getting too cold for swimming anyway.

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