Advice on Beach Clubs

I am moving to Kuwait at the end of August.
I am hoping to join a british gym/beach club as soon as I arrive. I want to be able to do general fitness classes/cardio etc but I am also interested in learning a martial art or form of self defence.
Bonus would be if this could also be in a place that happens to have a private beach or pool!
Does anyone have any suggestions/prices? Finding it tricky to find prices online! Try this! If you look at the bottom it breaks it down per gym/beach club and compares them with prices

If you're in Salwa, the Radisson blu has just about everything you asked for, except the beach part.  They're very nice and more than a few of my brit friends are members.  I could ask one of them to sign you in for the day if you wanted to visit (I think it's like 20kd/day to visit though)


Hi I'm in the same position; struggling to find a gym and prices online.
Which part are you moving to? I'm going to by in hawally!

I'm moving to Funaitees! When are you moving? :)

I fly out on the 25th of august from Heathrow, what about you? :)

Either 24,25 or 26th, and don't even know about airport yet haha! Are you excited?

I googled a few. There are some with private beaches and pool etc. Going to visit a few before i sign up. I'm flying out from Heathrow on the 26th. School starts on the 10th. I think teachers get some discount at a few. The ones i saw are priced at 60-70kwd a month.

It's expensive but the Hilton in Mangaf..would seem to tick all the boxes..but its one of those places where if you can drop a name of a friend who is already a member discounts are available

Hilton is good but very far from the main areas ex; salmeyah,hawally..ect. Only who lives close can reach it easily.

There are some famous women gyms in salmeyah such in Al- Salaam mall, holiday inn salmeyah and Al Corniche Club on the seaside.

palms also...

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