Looking for Gym around Hawally

hello, I try to find out the Gym around hawally area that I may go walking from Tunis street (Ibn Khaldoon), if you know any Gym please address it and I will go check.
Thank you

try gym in jabriya its called vision

Hi.. Im from that area... in Bn Khaldon area theres a gym called Kuwait Fitness Club.. its just only opposite to Gold Shop and there also one opposite of MacDonalds bn Khaldon.. its called Hyatt Gym...

Hyatt is good; i have been there before.

i live near the 4th ring road, so i would run there and count that as my pre-exercise cardio.

if you dont mind road running, theres also a gym on the 4th called everest, its 120KD for a year, and they have a pool. or go all out and run into jabriya, there u have oxygen gym, i wont mention champions as i think they're highway robbers..

where is Hayatt i can't find it ?!!

I've searched for it and I can't found ???

  Vision Gym jabriya is good ? is it reasonable price and good trainer ?

apologies; to find Hyatt, do the following: keep Mcdonalds to your LEFT, look ahead, theres a small side street, take said street, keep walking till you get to a T-section, it should be on your left..


the long way around; at the traffic light, the one BEFORE MCD's, go straight, this is Mussa Bin Naseer St. keep going as if you're heading towards UAS (Universal American School), take the first right, keep going down that road, you'll find the gym on your right eventually, there'll be a huge sand area to your left.

where in Jabriya is that gym? how much the monthly membership??

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