gyms for ladies in Salmiya

Hi, I've been researching on gyms for ladies in salmiya.
Im looking for a decent gym and not crazy expensive!
Let me know :)


Hi :)

Below is a list of some gyms in Kuwait. The ones that I know of that are near Salmiya (maybe not necessarily in Salmiya) are: Flex Fitness, Holiday Inn, Champions, Pilates & More.

Good luck!


- Flex Fitness:

- The Palms:

- Hilton:

- Holiday Inn (there is one in Salmiya and one in Kuwait City):

- Crowne Plaza:

- Curves:

- Pilates & More:

- Champions: (couldn’t find official website).

I hope you found what you are looking for by Sahar's post.
Generally the descent ladies gyms in kuwait don't have reasonable prices. So you are left with mixed gyms, I would advice you to go there if you don't have a problem to workout in a mixed place. Holiday inn would be a good choice for this, although it can't be compared to crowne plaza facilities
For champion and flex they both have very high prices (like 120-150 KD monthly) Flex yearly subscription is around 570.
Curves is a good choice but their gym only contains 30 mins a day round.
I never tried pilates and more or checked it, if any body can add here her experience with it, it would be appreciated

thank u :D although what i am really looking for is a cheaper gym. It sooo expensive, i used to pay a quarter of those amount! :| do u know any mixed gyms in or near salmiya?

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