Anyone who will be in KL for the coming Xmas?

Hi All,

Who will need to stay in KL for the coming Christmas? and alone?  If yes, lets celebrate together!
and at the same time, we can meet new people! :)

Let's catch up

What do you have in mind?

Hi Lisa,

I will probably be alone on Christmas.
YES< let's hang put together!


Can we create a whatsapp group for the same..

Dinner on the 24th?... it's a Saturday... Just an idea .....

Er... I think Lisa meant Christmas itself, but I'm game for either. If any of the guys who are in KL know some great places, perhaps we can select one. I know back home places tend to get booked for dinners around that time. Unfortunately don't do eateries much when in KL... Just bars and clubs .

i think lets have dinner/drinks on christmas eve as its saturday, and we gonna countdown together. its gonna be fun i think. i am collecting people who are actually alone in KL during christmas.

Heyaaa  :D  , I'm Up for all the plans , Dinner sounds a good idea and would be nice to chit chat with all over food , keep us Posted @lisa_wee , Ciao :cheers:

You can add me to that number

Hi...Maryanne here. Pretty new in this site. Count me in for xmas, i think bar, live bands and dance is good to go. I can suggest a nice place with pretty reasonable price for drinks. Awesome dance floor and live bands. Lets cheer up!!!

Hello, my husband and I would love to join in. Do let me know of the details

I'm alone too, I want to join

Hi Lisa...if u want u can join our simple Christmas celebration, Christmas party with exchange gift and foods.. On Xmas eve.

My husband and l would like to join too. Please count us in.

wooow.. i will join with my mate.  :cool:

Location, time and date? Is it on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day? Some places require reservations so might be good to decide soon. I don't know many places, but if meeting in Changkat, maybe Havana and Pisco Bar are the places I've been to that have a nice and jolly atmosphere and okay for some food/light snacking and drinks.

@Joanne7500, lisa_wee, and others familiar with KL, can you suggest other places you might have in mind for the meet-up?

Sounds fun! keep posted , I will join most probably :)

Do where is the final place we deciDe ?

So I take it this is not happening....? I'm going to hangout in Reggae Bar in Chinatown...

Stuck alone :(

Is this happening tho ?

hello, what is everyone doing tonight ?

Shall we meet up somewhere  now?? Lets say titiwangsa lake gardn?

Call me ***
Lets hangout sometimes N get to know each other more closer olright

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