Thu Dau Mot could be a good location to live?

Hi... I am moving to Vietnam soon. I am thinking Thu Dau Mot could be a good location to live? Have you any advice on the area and the best place to rent a house? Quite close to western themed shopping/restaurants/bar/coffee shops if possible... thanks

Not sure how your arrived at the idea of Thu Dau Mot but there really is not much there for a foreigner.  Of course the town has been there for a while but most of it now is new factories and empty lots intended for employees that have been driven to high for such employees by speculation.  Before that it was mostly rubber trees.  You might want to check out this topic begun by a Korean expat being posted there by his company.  It seems the best anyone could come up with for him was to take a bus into Saigon.  I took a trip up there with my wife to look at house lots once.  I didn't see many language schools there but this was 2014.  However, if you are a teacher, there may be a lack of native speaking teachers as well, which might yield a favorable employment vs. cost of living ratio.  Just don't expect a vibrant social life if you don't speak Vietnamese.

Of course now that I have posted this, we may be besieged by expats extolling it as a great place to live.  If that happens I will be pleasantly surprised.

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