Work Permit

My name Is Tinashe from Zimbabwe. I am a qualified fitter and turner. Wanted to know how I can get a work permit and if I can also be employed in different fields other than mine and still get a permit. What are the requirements of the permit and the duration of it if awarded and also the fees to be paid. Can the permit be processed whilst I'm in Mauritius on a visitor's visa?

Hi Tinashe and welcome on board !

Have you already read the Mauritius expat guide ? You can't ask for a work permit (different from an occupation permit) while you are in Mauritius. You must apply from abroad. An occupation permit application can be made while you are in Mauritius ... with a business visa...

The straightfoward answer is:

Professional occupation Permit: if you get a salary of over Rs 60,000/ month
You need to be present in Mauritius to do the process.

Work permit : if less than above
You should not be present on the island during the process.

In both cases, you can't apply under a visitor's visa.  You need business visa for 1st one and not in Mauritius on the 2nd one.

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