Expat girl in Malta that likes to sewing

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if is there any expat girl in Malta that likes to sewing? I love to sew and I have my own machine, so perhaps we could meet to and make some projects together?


Hi, I am an expat woman from the UK. I moved here with my husband & my daughter also lives here. I only saw your post by accident & was very pleased as I spent pretty most of my spare time last week trying to find a sewing group in my local area, my daughter suggested it to me as a way of meeting new friends as I  am missing the friends I left behind.....I have had no luck.....I also have my own sewing machine & make cushions when I am not working. I have tried dressmaking also (not always successfully) but I have seen dressmaking courses here that are much cheaper than uk. Feel free to message me & maybe we are interested in similar things?

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