First time living in KL looking for advice

Hello all,

I am Danny from the Netherlands. Living in Indonesia for a while and it is time to move on for certain reasons. Now I have been to Malaysia a couple of times mainly to extend my visa and go to hospital visits, since in Indonesia the hospitals are much less in giving details to the patients and are just not skilled enough. But I am thinking of staying there for a while, at least 3 months. Since I get a 3 monts on arrival visa. I have spoken to certain people and now I have certain questions:

1) I would like to find a living space (apartment) in Kuala lumpur where everything is close like bars, supermarket, malls etc. I read about Bukit Bintang KL. Is there accommodation where I can pay monthly with one month deposit? Which one is reliable? Does someone have a contact number who I can trust? Certain agents that I've contacted, just don't respond or do not give me answers to all my questions, but they say I just need to come and see.

2) I read about the supermarkets, that there is a halal and non halal sections, is this really a burden? Are all supermarkets like that?

3) I run a web development company, so I need to have a good , reliable internet connection, any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for all the information.


Thanks a lot for your information. I appreciate it.
I have contacted Anselm, wating for info.

Most agents btw do you have 3 months housing, only per year or if you are lucky 6 months.

About the supermarkets, you also have seperate trolleys right? So you basically need to finish one section and the go to the other.
Will need to get used to it, but will be alright.

Thanks again.

Just an update, I spoke with the owner. It's a shared apartment with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

I would like to find a certain place with my own facilities, rather straight to the owner instead of an agent.
Where can i find this ?

Thanks again for all the info.

You can check the listings here … 1&st=u

About the supermarkets, you also have seperate trolleys right? So you basically need to finish one section and the go to the other.

No, only 1 trolley. Just that you need to pay your non halal purchase in the cashier counter located inside the non halal session. The rest of your purchase you will pay at the common counter.

Unifi has a strong connection. I live in a three-story house, with the router on the first floor. I can get a connection even on the top floor! Besides that though, the internet might go down occasionally. Once a month of once every few months. It only happens in certain areas though

Hi Danny,

When you plan to move in to KL? I have a studio apartment near KLCC to rent for short term stays. Please pm me if you wish to know more ;)

Cheers bee

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