Living in Bangsar or Mont Kiara

We are a young Family moving to Kl in August.
My husband will work in Bangsar South and the kids will go to school in Mont kiara (garden international)
What is the best place to live for us? How is the traffic bangsar-Mont kiara and Mont kiara- Bangsar?

Do we need 1 car or better two cars?
Tnx Zoë

Hi Zoe,

I'm Zoe from bangsar. I stayed here for 30 years and is a very good place to stay cos is in between kl and selangor. The location very  convenience  to go anywhere. If u going to mont kiara is always oposite road will be jammed. U are always on he safe side. Bangsar south and mont kiara is hectic place to stay the jammed will made u mad.  I have  a car want to sell. Perodua Viva  1.0  EZ  year  2009. The selling  price is RM20,000 .
If you are interested please call me. *** .Thnk you.

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Hi Zoe

We have just moved to Mont Kiara from the UK. We have been here for 2 months. I too have a young family and two of my children attend Garden Intl.
I find the drive to school ok... It is busy once you get near school, but I don't find it a problem. Pick is usually more hectic, but there are plenty of parking options. My husband drives to Cyberjaya each day for work which can take him anything from 30min to an hour which is not too bad. We do have 2 cars. I have a small run around for school runs etc and we have a family car which my husband uses for work and it's our weekend family car. Hope you find this useful ... Happy to answer any questions if I can !

Thanks al lot for the info. I think we have to buy two cars. Or are there condo's on walking distance to school?

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Here are a few within walking distance... I think they are more housing rather than condos...there are many more but I'm unsure of the names ( as I'm new here also) I'll keep an eye out on the school run tomorrow.

Try to get near the monorail you can go anywhere from there.... sort of. ;-)

Hi Zoe,

Do you want to look at the Perodua Kelisa 1.0?
What type of car do you want? Perhaps you tell me then I can help you out. I'm local here and I worked in the CIMB bank for 9 years before Auto Finance -hirer purchase car loans and now I worked in the British  International  School  of Kuala Lumpur .

Hi, we move in August. So we will decide later About cars...

Whatever u do.....always choose which is more comfortable for your children.  You don't want ur children to travel everyday to school n get stuck in a jam. In Mont Kiara u can select which condo is just walking distance away  to International School.  That way u don't need 2 cars, as shopping centre, eateries r also nearby,, u can go on foot! Jam free.  Mont Kiara is family with children friendly area.  Your husband is going to work in Bangsar, yes he may get stuck in a jam every morning! But who would u rather get stuck in a jam every morning? Him or your young children that can get easily restless for sitting in the car too long?

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Hi ZowieZo, we moved here 2 years ago, live in Mont Kiara, daughter goes to Garden.  Only just bought a car recently, I much prefer to walk to shops, school, daughter 13, has more independence, driving hectic!!  Personal choice but I think 1 car would be fine to start with, Myteski great, taxis are cheap!!

Hi Zoe, Bangsar is a nice place because it has a great atmosphere, lots of luxury and also affordable condos and town houses, two shopping malls not including Mid Valley Megamall/The Gardens which is huge and just 5 minutes away. Bangsar has lots of restaurants, an HSBC bank, post office, really everything you could wish for.

Bangsar South has a lot of new condos being built at the moment but it is limited for things to do there. So Bangsar would definitely be better since it seems your husband will be driving a car.

But if your kids are going to Mont Kiara International School then I would probably choose to live in Mont Kiara. There are really so many condos surrounding the school so the kids can walk to school easily. Mont Kiara One (MK1) is the nearest mall with lots of restaurants and shops, and an HSBC bank just across the road, and there are are a couple of other malls a short drive away. Mont Kiara comes over as being more of a resort type place so the condos are nice and the grounds usually have beautiful gardens with great pools and sometimes tennis courts.

Traffic from Mont Kira to Bangsar can be quite busy, more so than the other way around. But if you take the U-turn under the new monorail before entering Jalan Maroff and taking the first left up past the community centre you can avoid some of the traffic on the hill up towards BSC shopping mall in Bangsar.

Having said that, there is a new huge development called KL Gateway which will dominate Bangsar South as it will have a shopping mall, office blocks serviced apartments and apartments (the first phase of condo apartments are supposed to be completed at the end of 2016 although I doubt it will be so fast. Mid-Valley Megamall/The Gardens mall is also super close to Bangsar South. There are nice condos here but my choice would always be Bangsar or Mont Kiara.

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I think it would be inconvenient as Bangsar South is no where near Mont Kiara, opposite sides.

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Hi ZowieZo.

Just wondering where you decided to move to in the end?

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