Where can I buy fresh beef from in Kuala Lumpur

I am looking for a place where I can buy fresh beef for my Pakistani cuisine! Will appreciate if someone can help me, I have tried a lot of wet markets.

If its the quality (toughness) you have found a problem, then I have to say yes, I have always had the same problem. Probably why the local cuisine relies on very slow-cooked recipes. Giant Supermarkets have imported Australian cuts - but not much choice (usually only 2 types) and quality variable. I think there is a group of Bangladeshi who are selling meat but one is in Kuala Selangor and the other has a store in one of the Bus Depots out of town. You could ask around at ethnic restaurants in Bukit Bintang for supplier names. Have you explored Brickfields?

Hi there, you can get fresh beef in Chow Kit market. You will see the fresh meat, not frozen one. You can even order a  live cow, they will slaughter for you just in case you have a party. I always buy fresh beef, mutton there. you should try there.

Wow well i was just there on Saturday and even earlier but no sight of fresh meat . I even asked them but they said that they only keep frozen maybe if you can precisely tell me from whom then it might help because I am looking for a special beef cut that is the shank to make some delicious Pakistani cuisine  and beef mince as well. Maybe some mutton also at times will not hurt I am actually tired of eating chicken so have switched to just being a vegetarian for now

Thank you for you reply

There are so many stalls selling beef. I dont recall which stall exactly, but I do remember is an Indonesian man. You can ask the stall, if they are selling fresh meat, not frozen one. They should be able to advise you, as sometimes, I buy some cow leg and from there I can tell is a fresh meat. Good luck in your search.

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Try one of the good "Western" supermarket chains.

Cold Storage is good and the market in Bangsar Shopping Center is very good.

Hi u can go to Chow Kit.. just ride monorail then go down chow kit station

I guess NSK is a good place to buy fresh meat all kinds.
There is also two good butchery shops in Bangsar & Brickfield.
My suggestion is Bangsar, very close to LRT station of Bangsar.

I have been to Kuala Lumpur recently and bought very good fresh steak at Giant Batu Caves

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