Marriage with Christian filipina who wants to convert to islam. How?

Hi sir
I neet you help my case that I want to marry with a filipino girl, she is Christian but she want to accept islam before marriage. The typical part is that she married in Filipine  and separated from last 4 years but without legal process.
I want to now that how can we get marry in this situation. And please give me the procedure if its possible here. We want to get marry in islamic way.
Looking for ur positive reply

Hello Man,

You can try to call Fatwa in Saudi, numbers are as below:

form outside Riyadh: 014595555 , 014576958
from within Riyadh: 4595555 , 4576958

Give them a call to provide a more trusted opinion regarding the procedures here in Riyadh.

Congratulations for ur marriage in advance :D

Fatwa is fine. But girl may face problems when she goes to Philippines for visit etc.
Better to clear that end also

Um not fully aware of the laws in fillipin so it's better to check with fillipino if they faced such cases before.

Hello Siddiqui :cheers:

For info, The Philippines is the only country in the world where ending a marriage is not just difficult, getting divorced is against the law. The only option for most citizens there is to get an annulment, which, in the Philippines, is a long, expensive court proceeding.

To get an annulment, one should prove in court that their spouse has mental problem and cannot assume their spouse duties.

Better be very careful about this marriage. It is most likely that it will not be recognized in Philippines and she may even have law problems.


Or girl  should get passport of new Muslim husband,  Egyptian or Pakistani,  India whatever

Hi sir
Thanks for ur reply.
If there any way to get marry, as u tell its very hard from here and she have almost 1 year contract than we go philipinae legal process.
Plz suggest us if here possible any way.
She already want to convert a muslim this a big thing for her.
Allah give him a ways

Please reply if any possiblity here.


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