Looking for new friends, build up good connection

Hi guys, is that a good idea to meet up at weekend to chill and discuss. I would love to have some new friends with the same hobbies. I'm now a manager of an entertainment company. I finish work so late. And free after 10. Its hard to connect with friends at that time.

Hi there!

Whereabouts do you live in Saigon? I work as a tutor over in Thao Dien, D2, so I know what you mean about working unsociable hours! I haven't been in the city long though, and would love to meet more people :)

PM me if you want to meet up at some point!

Hi friend,

I live in D1, Yes, thats a great idea to meet up. I'm creating one event this Sunday, looking forward to meeting new people. Will you be available on this Sunday?

That sounds great, I am free this Sunday! Looking forward to it :)

Please add me on whatsapp to keep in touch better,


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Hi everyone,

Please do not share your contact details on the forum. You may do so through the private messaging system.

And here is the event created by Janenguyen.lost : … ekend.html

Do not hesitate to notify your participation directly on the event page by clicking on the "Join" button.

All the best,

Looking forward to this event. Where are others? Common people.... Lets meet up.

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