Meeting new people


This is my second visit to Lyon and would like to make some female friends here. I run a business in the travel industry, have a variety of interests and enjoy meeting people from different cultures and countries.
If you would like to meet up for a coffee, let me know :-)

Hi Diana I am Sofia from Italy.. I will move to Lyon next week and i will be there foe 6 months.. i am doing a chemistry PhD and i will be alone in Lyon.. if you want to meet for a coffee, keep in touch!

Thanks Sofia, it would have been great to meet but I have just returned to home country and am planning to be back to Bordeaux (not Lyon as I thought before...).

I hope you will find some great here to spend time with :-)

Hello Diana,

it seems that you are now a little bit far on the west side.

but if one time your road goes trough Lyon it will be a pleasure for me to discuss and share a drink

Hi Dieana,

When are you planning to come to Saudi Arabia ? :D

Hi Diana,
I just moved to France in Valance . I live in a small village called Malissard.
I would like to make new friends too but i don't know my way yet how to make friends in france.
I would like to have a coffee sometimes to talk  with you.
Bye Na

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