In Love with Mauritius - Tips on getting a job?

I was in Mauritius in June for two weeks and completely fell in love with the people , culture and Island.

I have been trying to find work in Mauritius since. I have applied for plenty of positions but have unfortunately not been successful.

I would so appreciate any advice or tips .

Thank you

Hi Simone,

What kind of job are you looking for and which nationality are you?


I am looking for pretty much anything really. I have admin experience and have a certificate in TEFL/TESL.

I am South African but have both an EU passport and SA passport.

The problem is that the same perhaps in many countries in the world now is that un-employment is high , the paperwork you have to go through to get a visa and the fact that many companies are obliged to only fill the vacancy if no local person can do so.
However all is not bad as many companies are overseas offices of companies and thus can have ex-pats to work on secondments and as these are big multi-nationals the visa formalities are often quicker etc.

Thank you for your insights Leslie.

I agree , unemployment is high across the globe.

You may find it hard as some jobs here in Mauritius may sound easy but when you see the long list of educational requirements about certificates and degrees and experience it is hard to get an employer to establish the applicants credentials if they are from a foreign country. When you use the word certificate and not Degree it seems to suggest that you are competing with many more local people for these jobs

It is also unfortunate that you only made your decision after your two weeks as while you was here you could have perhaps visited some companies in CYBER CITY EBENE as these are where multi-nationals operate mainly. At least then you would have made contact and then on return home followed it up.

I hear what you are saying. I dont have a degree as I was not fortunate enough to be able to further my studies. I only have experience and certificates to offer. I guess the only thing I can do is keep applying for work until I find a company that requires my skills. :) :)

I have the option of returning again on a holiday as I have friends that stay in Mauritius. Would you say that this is the better option?


Whether one has a certificate or degree or multiple degrees does not change the fact that he/she remains a foreigner for an employer. Hiring an expat is not easy task as thousands of Mauritians are also joining the labour market every year.

You will be granted an Occupation Permit as Professional only if you have proven competency and experience in specific fields where an expat's expertise is required.

If you can't find a job but willing to invest a min amount of money into a small business, applying for a Self-Employed permit might be a viable alternative.

Hi Winston'

Could you please tell me a bit more about the Self-employed permit?

Hi Simone,

You will find all the information here :

All the best,

Hi Bhavna

Thank you so much. I will have a look :)

SimoneRachelProsee :

Hi Winston'

Could you please tell me a bit more about the Self-employed permit?

Here it is:

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Hi Simone,

You can try applying to jobs in Mauritius but not many companies hire would hire an expat. It really depends on the need of the organization. Starting a business in Mauritius will be the best solution I guess.

If you have a project in mind you can discuss with your friends in Mauritius to analyze the market first. Based on the analysis, you can decide whether that would be best or not.


Thank you for your advice Sheik. :)

Your welcome Simone.

Good luck.

Hi. With your TEFL/TESL try contacting the local British COuncil branch for any vacancy.

Shameem07 :

Hi. With your TEFL/TESL try contacting the local British COuncil branch for any vacancy.


I already have tried that. They kindly turned me down.


I think you are going to struggle to find anyone who will employ someone with TEFL/TESL who does not already have the right to work here.  I have met several people with TEFL/TESL who have dual nationality or nationals who have returned to Mauritius and teach English.  As it is not a skills shortage, so there is no need to employ someone from overseas.

Perhaps you need to make a long term plan.  Go and work for a company in SA who has an office here and then look to see if at some point in the future they will transfer you to Mauritius.  As mentioned previously, companies can transfer people who have specific knowledge and skills about their business that they need here and / or can develop local staff accordingly.

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