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'KUWAIT: In the latest list from Expat Insider, Kuwait, along with Greece and Nigeria, made up the bottom three nations, while Taiwan and Malta topped the list of the world’s friendliest countries for expats. The Expat Insider survey from InterNations group provided an in-depth analysis of everyday expat life in more than 60 countries around the globe. The results looked at everything from quality of life to ease of settling in. In Kuwait, foreign recruits made up the greater majority of the survey population at 6 percent. Kuwait has remained at the bottom of the list for more than three years running.
........However, it was placed at the bottom when it came to work-life balance. Kuwait also ranked near the bottom when it came to affordability and availability of housing for expats. Factors such as the lack of leisure options, political uncertainty and a skewed gender ratio were seen as low points in the regional report for the GCC.'
                                      (Kuwait Times, Friday September 2nd, 2016)

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Discuss :)

A think that's what we are doing here continuously. :)

Nothing to add to the info you passed. I actually took part in the poll.


Infact i have also seen that in hospital they don't treat non-Kuwaiti in a proper way. In some cases they refuse to take the patient telling that your medical center is somewhere else (In government hospital)

I am laughing at the obtuseness of various MPs and government officials who keep touting their "treaties for expats" and the fact that "3/4 of the population of Kuwait is expats" without taking into account that Kuwaitis force expats to live by Kuwaiti norms; blame expats for crime - while there are more Kuwaitis wanted for crimes than expats (remember that 3/4 number?); that an expat caught without a driving license is deported; that because of their inability to plan financially every proposal to add to their government coffers means that expats foot the bill; proposed increase in electricity rates, proposed tax on remittances, proposed increase in water rates and of course the most recent rise in fuel rates.

I am always amazed how poorly the mirrors work in Kuwait.

Thinking of coalition forces who died to free this country... doesn't seem the effort was much appreciated.

Hmm, what to say not that much. I think what makes it more uncomfort is the persuasion of religious ethics in which they deliberately turns it into racist. If this country can't accept global rights then why do they open up global business. I think the king and it government do all their best to ensure the safety of expat in this country but the citizens are unwilling to share equality with expat. They say the law is trended to ease up expat burden but what is the use if they do not practice or abide to the law. Futher more the law is 92% in favour to Kuwaitis and even no way to enforce the law into practice. I hope one day the loving sun will shine fairly onto us exparts in Kuwait. This is just my point of view and thanks for the topic.

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