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Hello there. I'm a 25-year-old female just recently moved to Kuwait for work. I have a couple of questions and would love some input/advice on how it works here.

So, I currently live in an apartment in Salmiya by myself and having some weird encounters with the haris ( guard). He's nice but a little too nosey, he asks when I come in and whether i'm leaving tonight and what time! completely inappropriate in my book and frankly crossing the line. I understand a bit with my broken Arabic so that's how we communicate.

Is that type of questions normal here?  Also, I'm trying to make some friends here so naturally I'm going to invite people over ( men and women). Am I going to get in trouble for that? what do you guys do in these situation?

Thank you.

Totally inappropriate.  That's borderline harassment. Tell him the magic word "leave me alone or I'm going to call the police".

Well it's totally not his business and its totally okay to invite different genders to your apartment and he cannot say anything !

Tell him in Arabic "ma khassak" :)

for example, wouldn't the haris ask if someone who doesn't look familiar  came in the building where they are going or what they are doing?

Well these are the cases

1- Female only group: not his business and you can literally threaten him by callin the police ( really his behaviour is strange)

2- Mix group: same as above but just let him know, like in the morning tell him some friends are visiting by.

3- Male friend: better not :)

So really if he keeps bothering you, just have a serious talk with him or something

It is absolutely none of his business! Just tell him that.

Personally, I do not suggest that you tell him you will call the police from the very first time right away. Just tell him firmly that you do not like him asking you questions and he should mind his own business.

i worry he asks to know ur habits and attempt a break-in to your apartment in your absence.

unless you're a teacher, in the schools building, in taht case its kinda normal.

He has absolutely no business to ask u these questions but he has the right to prevent male friends from visiting u. If he stills nossy, threaten him with police and I'm pretty sure that he'll give u your space

honestly he cant ask you such questions but as far as i know, it is against the law to give the apartment out to a single male / female though a lot of people do.

secondly getting a single male home could result in trouble. me and my wife have had issues when we r walking together outside, i wouldn't put it past them. keep your embassy hotline number handy,

again i could be wrong but this is information that my landlord told me and he was pretty clear about these things

neverstopexploring : far as i know, it is against the law to give the apartment out to a single male / female though a lot of people do...

This is just not true.  Singles aren't allowed in "family only" buildings but are free to  live alone, if they wish in non-family buildings.

As for the OP, yes, that's too nosy and let him know you don't care for his questions.

Just don't mind the Harris, but be extra careful though. You can invite friends as long as your not gonna make any Noises esp. during night time, some harris might call a cop.

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