Making friends in Malta

Hi all,
Seeing posts in this and other similar threads where people show interest in meeting and socialising is very appealing.
But also I notice that no one seems to take concrete action and make things happen.
So what if we decide to organise a meet up, say on a Friday evening somewhere in Sliema? I have in mind a place in Balluta where they have live music.
We could organise it as soon as this Friday if there is enough interest.
Please let me know what you think about this suggestion so that I'd create a page for the event it there is enough interest.

Hi everyone,

My names Alun I've just moved over here from the UK, I'm in my early 30s. I've been on the island for about a week now and I'm looking to build up a social circle, I've already met some really nice and cool people, but I would like to extend that further. Are there any meet ups soon, or events that can be recommended by others?

If you're interested in meeting up pm me and I'd be happy to arrange to go for a coffee or drink sometime.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Why do people keep starting new topics to find a friend, there are currently three wasting space on here.
There is a perfectly good pinned post for this at the top of the Forum page where everything and everyone would be in the same place!


Hİ, I am from Turkey. I have lived for a month year. Sometimes, Malta can be so boring. And, I did not make friends.
I am 26 years old. I need improvin my english. :)
If you wanna drink coffee and talk about soomething, you can connect to me :)

i am living here in malta few months and always interested to make new friends to go for a drink or something ..would be nice to hang out together :)

im from denmark an my wife is from philippines she come the 7/11 an we live in marsalforn

I’m hoping people are still reading this thread!

I’d love to build a social circle up. I love hiking, exploring, dogs 🐶 (have two rescue mutts) and would love to attend a quiz night but never found any. I’ve just turned 40, no kids, don’t drive, live in the south but can travel to central (Sliema/St Julian’s area) for anything regular. Anything further up north than that is out of the question because of not driving and taxis are just so expensive here.

So, if anyone fancies meeting up, drop me a line.

Hi everyone ! :)

We are a young, french couple and we arrived in Malta two weeks ago, as part of a linguistic stay. We live in Sliema in a cute flat with our flatmates (an english guy and a french one).

We are currently looking for a job but this post is not about that, but about our desire to meet new people, make new relationships, new friends :)

Indeed, apart our roommates, who are very nice though, we don't know many people on the island and we would really like to get to know new people to share some good times, such as strolling, chatting, having a drink or else other cool stuff ... :))

Oh, one last thing, as french people in Malta for a linguistic stay, we are looking primarily for English speaking people, but not only of course ;)

Feel free to contact us and hoping meet you soon !

Amélie & Matthias

Hi! My 7 year old daughter and I will be moving to Malta from Florida in May. It is just the two of us. We do not know anyone in Malta and are interested in making friends.

We love meeting new people and as native English speakers, we would welcome conversations helping to improve your English.

May seems like a long way off, but it will be here in no time! Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Hi StaceyMadeleine ,

It'll be here before you know it. Which part of Malta are you looking to settle in? I'd love to meet for a coffee when you get here :)

We are thinking about Sliema, St Juliens, Valetta... areas with a lot of expatriots.  We need a good primary school for my daughter.

Hi all
Can anyone tell me ,is it possible to survive in MALTA ,  single/with family at 1000 euros / month

fasi436 :

Hi all
Can anyone tell me ,is it possible to survive in MALTA ,  single/with family at 1000 euros / month

You asked this question last month and got a reply, this topic is about making friends.

Good evening, yes great idea, but I'm busy this Friday coming. If there will be other events in the future I'd love to attend.

Just thinking, I don't mind live music, but if people are meeting the 1st time, everyone will want to chat and get to know one another, will live music be a good idea?

Hello everyone,
My name is Lily and I have recently relocated with my husband on the island. We work in the IT and financial areas.
Is there any places or events where expats meets? We will be happy to meet new people from different countries.
We already live in San Gwann. It will be good to meet some of you to share experiences.

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