Sports cafe in Khobar - Shisha & watch football


Does anybody know any sports cafe where you can watch football and have good shisha in Khobar??

I think  'ole' is the best with nice shisha and they have private rooms also.,50. … &gl=us

Thabk you for your reply. I've been ole cafe and was disappointed with their shishas. I guess in western countries shisha is different to shisha in saudi. But I do agree it's probably the best layout shisha cafe I visited in khobar

Not sure if it is the same one, but next to Al Jumma mall you'll find a seafood restaurant....many go there or the roof top cafe across from Danube Hypermarket near the Meridian Hotel.

Meridan Hotel near cornish?

Thank you for your reply. Would you happen to know the name of the place which is roof top and the seafood restaurant

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