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I am looking for fitness clubs or swimming pool facilities in the Khobar area, preferably close to the Al Jissr District close to the Baharain Bridge or Corniche.  Suggestions are much appreciated.


There is a fitness club at the Southern Corniche of Khubar, very close to the bridge less than 5 minutes driving.
Salat Alqowa (VIP) AKA Alghazal (VIP). its at the ground floor of some hotel ! I don't remember the name actually but its very near to lulu hyper market but on the corniche exactly. they have a swimming pool.

Thankyou very much! So if I'm driving from the Baharain bridge to Lulus on the Corniche would this hotel be before or after Lulus?  Thanks again, your response is much appreciated and very helpful.


Look Here … 18&l=0&m=b

As you can see there are two hotels very close to lulu hypermarket, one of them has the fitness club at the ground floor.

You can easily see their logo on the main gait.

is there any swimming pool facilities for the ladies too? I've been looking for a nice one..

Tmaesalle :

is there any swimming pool facilities for the ladies too? I've been looking for a nice one..

I'm not sure, better go to Bahrain ;)

Thanks a bunch Prisonbreak...the image was key! I drove by Lulu's and found it right away!!  Regards,

I'm a member of this fitness club but I go to another branch, how did you find the VIP branch, was it good ?

The VIP branch is very nice, I couldn't join though....the price is 2000 SR for a 6 month membership, the price is the same for children as well...a little out of my league seems how I wanted to bring my children to the pool.

looking for the same as you if you get let me know ** and even let me know the price

Prison break can you tell me the rates of this gym per month i dont want body building i just wana do exercise to loose weight. **

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