swimming lessons

hi friends :)
i am a swimming  instructor in al khober
any body interested  please contact me xxx

Hi yabutouq,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Sports classes in Khobar section, this might surely interest other members. Thank you! :)



      Do you offer these lessons to specific age groups, adults, youngsters, etc.

I have a six year old I was thinking of enrolling in this activity, would that apply and what would be the cost?


yes dear actualy  i give lesson as private you can call me xxx
and i will answer all your enquiry

i agree :D

great I will call you

Could you please let me know where do you provide swimming lessons?

Is this topic still active? i wana know some details, like where do you give lessons and minimum age,


Hi i would like to join swimming classes.

Hi there,

Am actively looking for a swimming classes in Al Khobar. Could you help me please

I would like to start this May after my vacation.

Let me know.


Can you pls give me your mobile number.....

My son is interested.

Hello everyone,

This is an old topic [2014]. If you are looking for  a swimming instrutor, i invite you to post your ad in this section: … asses.html

Thank you,

Hello der,

Im looking for swimming classes for my nephew ( 7 Years ) , we recite in dammam.
`Kindly provide your contact details or do call me on ***


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