Searching a boxing possibility in Khobar/Dammam/Dhahran area

Hi, I wanna practice some boxing. I need a gym or club where they have place/materials for practicing.....anyone knows one in Khobar/Dhahran area?

Hey bud, I was a Canadian jr national champion, at 3 different weight classes, I'd like to also find a gym, and train! there is one in khubar, but it really sucked, I wanted to get back into boxing, and get some fights.

Are you a boxer?
I have all my boxing gear and pads, I just moved here with dad.
If you can box, we can train together, it's hard to run outside without people honking at you here, it's so dumb.

Shoot me a message on what's app or something, ***.

Hey man:) U R pro:):) Great !!!!!!:) I am completely amateur:) I just need it for practicing and to be more fit after gym:) I am really amateur or less:) R U in Hasa? Ciao

Oh ic, that's cool. Yeah, I'm in Alhasa. Nothing really exciting here. No boxing gyms, but I bout a boxing bag.

Where did you buy a bag??

I bought it from a girl in Rehyad, on, do work in Aramco?

Hi Gentlemen, I am looking for a boxing gym in Al khobar, are you still here ? did you get any update for this practise from your first message ?
If yes can you let me know please

Im also need boxing club
Im thinking to buy boxing bag then training in my house :top:

I don't know if there is exactly any club related with boxing in Khobar ... but I know that there are some martial arts areas around like alsala almasya ... but I can recommend you of ALGOSAIBI HOTEL's Gym where you can get the opportunity to practice LE BOXE THAI and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ...

anyone interested to form a mma/boxing/bjj training group here in dammam area? please message back thanks

hey, I'm interested in taking some boxing classes... any idea where?

I know Gym called AL-LAYTH in Dharah area "Doha District " , they offer self-defence classes you can visit them and check , in general it is a good place to doing sports.

Where i dont care if it stinks

Good evening Guys, Im just new here, Im benjie, from philippines, I live here in al khobar, I want to study boxing or MMA to keep me fit. anyone can take me with you to practice? thanks.

I have been trying to find boxing club since a month good thing i met you guys...So tell me if its possible i am ready to join after Eid.


Try Muay Thai oriented Thai-Boxing or AREKA FITNESS CLUB … 03ec948393

he guys there is 2 gyms one in Dammam but the coach i never heard of him, and one in as tanura coach said ashore international coach and the saudi national boxing coach he is really good but it takes time til u get to the gym

right know i practice mma with my crew the situation lil bit sucks because our coach left

I'm in khobar and u teach mma and boxing I do only private lesson if u interested let me know

does anyone know boxing gym in alkhobar?? or a gym that have punching bag?

I'm interested in Boxing in Al Khobar. Please contact me at ***

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Yes I am interested in either personal training for muayt Thai/kickboxing or any class running in Dammam/Dhahran or Khobar area
Plz contact me

I am searching for a private MMA instructor
I do weights and have 4 years kick boxing exprience

i read your comment about your private MMA traning am still interested pls contect me

Do you know where I can buy boxing gloves from in Al Khobar or Dammam?

In any sport tools store.

Hello bro .. this is Tanveer from India.... i am too intrested in MMA ive also been to some classes for judo and mma but i am not pro... just a beginner... i would love to join the group..

Did you check Fitness Time center , I remember they got these boxing bags , just check that branch out, near to Dhahran Mall

If you wanna buy sports stuff , go to Amwaj Mall they got Sports One for sports equipment, also go to Dhahran Mall there is a shop called Sun & Sands I'm not sure if they have boxing stuff but they are selling sports stuff , good luck

check my comments on your post ,

Hi, could you please provide further details I.e. location or contact number of possible?
Appreciate your reply :)

Anybody know of a safe and legit place that sells Whey protein powder in Khobar? Do any pharmacies sell Whey protein powder?

Just moved to Al Khobar. I used to run my own Muay Thai Club in the UK. Although I just was looking for somewhere to train I'll be happy to coach/train if there isn't anything established here already, including a kids class as my family will be joining me soon. Anyone interested in starting a club or just happy to pass on some info then please message me.

Yes cna you provide your contact

If you're still intrested , you should take a look at the gym i train at , search samurai gym in google map , they teach dutch thai boxing and our coach is so experinced and a very welcoming guy and if you wanna take a look , search ksa_samurai in instgram . Good luck

If you gents are finding it difficult to find a gym what hope have us ladies got I got a kick pad and some other kit in a store by the food Hall in Rashid mal

Hi, I was doing muay thai and boxing in the Philippines not long ago. I want to continue doing it here in KSA where possible to keep fit. Should you know a place around Khobar area, Pls lemme know. Thanks mucho :)

Check out the compounds I have heard of one but not sure which compound it's on

Sadly none existing that'll worth ur time
They suck badly

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