Just got to my living quarters in el khobar.  Need to find a gym nearby.  Open to suggestions.

Treadmill and weights. 


Fitness time in al-hezam near to saad compound

Doesn't your compound have a gym? Almost every compound does.

There's a gym in 10th street in Khobar, have driven past it a few times going home...

im using a body building gym,, got everything you need, by farms 9.. where in khobar are you?

Hi lee125,

is there a GYM near to farm 9 :/ ????

I used to go to Al gazali gym which i think is okay except for the nepali trainers. Looking for a change now

The gym near farm 9, I think it's diamond gym.

Diamond gym is well a little below standard, if you know what i mean . Joined Al Gazali again. 500 for 3 mths.


i hope u have best chooes


Try Laith Sports Center at Abdullah Bin Abbas St at the "back" of Ikea. Monthly fee I think is around 1800 SR, but the cost vary depending on the terms of payments. If you pay for a one full year membership, the fee would go down to about 4K SR. Cool, right?

Look them up on the net at I've been there and I love it. Amenities are new.

Hi all,
My opinion Fitness time is the best GYM, and i think they will open a new branch close to farm 9 ( in olaya ) within a few months.

Guys anyone intrested in going to gym near farm 9 khobar. im really bored to go alone & if anyone of you guys are going please let me know, so that i can join you guys...

Hi Eagleeye, have u joined the gym yet? which is the one near farm 9 it diamond gym?

Hi guys. Looking for a gym in al khobar that offers per sessions workouts at an affordable rate. I've tried 10th street but they don't offer one. Please help. I'm a hardcore bodybuilder and I just came back from a 1yr and 6 months hiatus. Really want to get my size again as I wanted to compete soon in riyadh. Thanks

The gym near Farm 9 is Al GhazzalI Gym. I'm planning to get back in shape. It would be nice to have some gym buddies join me. Anyone?

Hello all!

I need to find a gym on the Prince Sultan street, Khobar. I'm leaving in the PRO4 compound. I still don't have a car here, so it would be good to have something close... I doesn't need to be the best gym, just have weights a some different machines....

Close to this adress:
4116 Prince Sultan Rd, Qurtoba, Al Khobar

thank you!!!

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Gym is on 10th street of Al-Aqrabia corner of King Abdula Aziz Road King Fahad Road. Al-Akrabia.

I need a gym near Khobar which is not costly, per session or monthly basis, sr 100 only. Also, a gym buddy coz I'm alone. Anyone can help? Thanks...

I think there is new gym at king Abdulaziz street, they may offer sessions. Actually, if they accept, let me know please because i'm looking for 2 weeks access while am in Alkhobar.

where is the al ghazall gym in al khobar...

Hi every one,
I m looking for a Ladies Gym in the east area (Khobar, Dammam, Dhahran), please give me some indications or adresses

Looking for gym near from 6 street at al khobar ...

@litboy did you join any gym?

Guys anybody know about ladies gym in khobar

Or preferbly both male and female.


Hi all

Hope someone can help me. Me and my husband are moving to Dammam in March. As I will start work there.

My husband is a personal trainer and a gym instructor with over 5 years experience. Does anyone know of any jobs in any GYM's in Dammam where he can work. Very desperate for some help. Thanks

It depends on which visa you are coming. And is your husband allowed to work or not.

As far as gyms are concernd, there are plenty of gyms in khobar (area next to damam, damam khobar are twin cities).
From to basic to 5 star clubs. He will find job here.

Fitness time is the best

Hello randy100

Since no publicity is allowed on the forum, if you propose karate classes, could you please drop an advert in the required section of the site?

> Sports classes in Khobar

Thank you
Kenjee Team

Need to find a gym near 25th street

How much is the membership/ fee

Any good gym close to MALIK SALMAN 4TH?

you can visit  at Best Western Plus Sand Rose Suite Hotel beside almana general hospital we are offerring a monthly basis which is 500 sr cardio and toning a i have a lot of program that can suite your fitness goal

Please help me find a gym near to 7th street al shamalia.

im looking for a cheap gym near king Khalid st. Al Khobar please Help!!!

location please

Hi,someone can help me to find a gym near at Kadiwa area in Khobar? Thnx

Is Al Gazali gym walking distsnce from Kadiwa AlRamaniyah area? Is they have any package or promos? Thnx

Need NEED TO FIND A GYM in Al Khobar

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