Chinese fresh in Warsaw

HI,everyone,im working in warsaw city center,i`d like to make local friends,i wanna learn Polish,if anyone can help,i will appreciate!
feel free contact me.

Hi, we have just moved (Chinese as well) to Warsaw two days ago, how is life so far?  the next steps for us is to find an apartment and get a mobile phone.  any recommendations on a mobile plan?

Hi,im glad to got your messeger.
Are you Chinese?what is your purpose to been in here?

Yes I am Chinese, Canadian Chinese who married a Chinese wife from Chengdu. 
We recently moved here for work, which I start on September.  So we would love to meet new people.

ok.anything i can help you pls let me know.
my fb:  ***

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I am new here in Warsaw too.
So if anyone wants to meet over a cafe, tea or snack it would be great.
As to a polish mobile number regarding ribcookie, you can buy a pre paid number in orange, play salon and t-mobile. You just need to remember you passport.

yes,living here is easy.the difficult thing is learning polish.
how long you will be stay in poland?I`d like to meet with you

Hi Allen,

Just time and place. I have flexible hours.
Right now I just try to get my stuff in oder. Arrived in Warsaw Friday.
I will be staying for at least a year, we could meet somewhere in the center, like the Copernicus Statue. It would be great if more people could come and join.

Hi,Alan,i`m glad to meet you.
Maybe in weekend. in the center.
I have been in here for more than 3 months.will stay for one year at least too.
May i know where are you come from?what is your nationality?

Hi, Allen. I am Danish with Korean origin. But you can just click profile name or pic. Then you get Interest etc.

Ya, maybe we can all meet at a restaurant if you guys have time to chat :)

let`s meet at weekend

sure.  do you guys use wechat?  would make it easier to communicate :)

it`s my wechat ID

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Hey! I hope u like it here in Warsaw :)

It would be good to meet u guys up for some beers!

If u need any help with polish or just want to meet up, I'm up for that.

I would also recommend our Warsaw Pub Crawls, where u can meet plenty of new people and have a lot of fun. I'm a guide over there :P

If u need any help with a flat  i may be able to help.

If u just need some advice on what to do in Warsaw, text me!


What are your fealings about Poland now?

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