Meet people for a drink or coffee- explore warsaw together- have fun :

Hello Everyone,

Me and my roomate we recentely moved to Poland and we love Warsaw! It's fun to be here with lots of activities and we would like to meet and hang out with new people!
My name is Nina, 24 years old from Greece and my roomate is Manon, 25 years old from France. It would be great if you wanna go out for a drink or coffe after work or during the weekend!
We can also explore a bit the city together :)
Let us know if you are interested!


Hi Nina,

Welcome on board  :up:


Hello Nina,
How are you? If you and your roommate would like to meet for a coffee or drink, we can hang out together and have a nice time!
My name is Daria, I'm 24 years old. I live in warsaw for 1,5 year and I also love this city!
If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me !

Thanks a lot Maximilien :)

Hi Nina, are you still in Warsaw?


ciao, I am from Milan (Italy) I am also just arrived in Warsaw for work and I need to network, meet people, make friends!
I don't know how to get in touch using this website that is new for me, and if I receive notifications for your reply, in case please send me a Whatsapp!!!
I live in Warsaw City Center
Write meeee!!!

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Hello! I will be arriving in Warsaw at the end of may and will be staying for one year. I would love to go for a drink sometime!


I am thinking to travel to Poland and wanted to see if I could meet people living there.  How do you like it there?


I will be travelling to poland in September (I haven't decided the exact dates yet) but it would be great to meet people living there

The probable time is from 10 th till 18th

Regards expatriates

Hi, I live in Warsaw my whole life and I'll be glad to give a tour or just meet for a coffee/drink. :)

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Hi, My Name is Mario, i'm from Lisbon, Portugal. Just arrived at Warsow, i would like to go for a coffee or a drink .
Please let me know .

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Hello. My name is Arek and I'm polish student studying and living in Warsaw. How do you find Warsaw? Is this a place that meet your expectations? I am native-born in here so I know that sometimes it can be hard for other people to adapt, but I can assure you guys it's so wonderful place to live.
Hope you already found somebody to hang around in the city.
If not, please write me.

Would love to meet for coffee Will be back in town on the 26th email me @ *** and we can set a time and place to meet :)

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Hello. Unfortunately, on 26th I will be travelling to my family out of Warsaw. Don't really know what time I might be back.

Hi Nina

i am in.
You can contact me at ***

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I'm new in Warsaw and I'll be glad to get to know you and explore the city together !

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