I'm looking to meet new people in Warsaw!

Hi everyone!

My name is Clair and I moved from England to Warsaw in January 2012. I work in a school just outside Warsaw helping out teaching English.

I'd really like to meet new people here in Warsaw who have similar interests to me and are maybe new to the city too?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



hyy clair how u doing? welcome to, how do u find Warsaw? made any new friends? im sure ul make many friends.. :) all the best

Hello Clair Louise Mary and welcome to

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I am sure you will make lots of contacts here.


Hi Clair still looking to meet new people? I would also love to find and meet smart and clever people

Hey I am visiting Warsaw from Vancouver and would like to meet some people in my age who would like to meet and go out for a drink or go out in the evening for night life. I have family who lives in Warsaw and busy mostly during the day but I am free in the evenings and would like to meet new people to go out with
Message me if interested

Hi, still interested in meet new people in Warsaw? I really would like to improve my English.
Ewa 21

Hey guys! Still looking to meet up? Send me a message :)

hi i can help u

Hi :) I'm looking for a new friends in Warsaw as well :)
If you want to meet some day, let me know :)
-Agata :]

Hi all,

I would like to meet new people as well - to practice english before my move out to London and just to hang out with nice people :)

Looking forward to your message!

Hey everybody!
I've recently moved back to Warsaw, and I would also like to meet some new people. I don't start working until April, so I find myself having a lot of free time. Do let me know if you would like to meet up. I'm quite spontaneous and flexible with time. Hope to hear from you :)


hi im looking contact to warsaw i have a professional project thank you

hello iwill com in warsaw and im looking for a new friends nice to meet yu

Hello there...I hope anyone can see this post...I am going to be in Warsaw this weekend and looking forward to meet people there and learn about Polish culture...any suggestions?

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