Hair braiding in Cairo

Hi everyone.  :)  I know this is kind of a superficial request, but I'd like to get my hair braided here in Cairo. I'm in New Cairo, and did find one place in Nasr City, but that was NOT a good experiences. Anyone know of someone who braids hair for a reasonable price, or even sells extension hair, and I'll try it myself. Thanks, and good wishes to all.

Yes I can help please do contact me

Yes - she lives in Maadi! I am american and found her to do weaves. I am sure she does braids too. Feel free to contact me!

Could you share with me her contact please?

Hope u doing well I do braids like box braids and Senegalese twist
Please can I have u contact please say we can talk about the price and also un can see some pictures of what I did
Chelsye thanks

There is a good one in New Cairo called Elle et lui, very close to Peak Gym.


Can I get your contact number please?

Can you send me her contact number pleasee?

Hair Braider Contact no. Her name Sara Gamal # xxx

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I taught myself through youtube tutorials. Try that. The moment you understand the technique it's sooooooo easy.

I am new to Cairo, here for work and looking for someone who braids or does weaves. Do you mind sharing your contact?

Hello Namii, sorry for the late reply. I do not know anyone who braids. But like I told you it is easy to teach yourself some interesting braids through the youtube tutorials. Hope you have a very nice day today!!!!

Hello, can u get me her contact please, thanks

Hello Chelyse,I would like to get your contact please

Could you please send me her exact location ??

Hello, I am new to Cairo and I reside in El Rehab. I am interested in getting box braids done with my hair if you are available please contact me. Thank you.

Could you email me the hair braiders information ?


Did you ever find a place?

Call Madam Precious at *** she works in Maadi.

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Hi,I need to braid my hair and I'm in Cairo.can someone please help me?

Dear all, welcome to Egypt, i'd like to help you with many hair braiding professional women in Maadi.
send me a message to tell you budget and place, it's not my business and i don't want commission .
But because it's not allowed to put contact details in public .
Best Regards

Hello! Could you please give me an info and contact infoplease

hey can you please share the contacts with me! i wanna get my hair braided toooo

Check Kriss salons also

whats her number

Can you send me her contact number

Hi, if any of you need braids or weaves let me know as I know someone who does mine pretty well. She can come to where you live as long as its in Cairo factoring in the transport cost.

The lady I use is named Alice, let me know so i can send the number.

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