Hair braiding in Cairo

who is that message for omar?
if anyone needs the contact details please message me as your not allowed to advertise a business on here

Can i please have your contact information, i have been dying to find someone to do box braids!!

send me a message and  you will find all the information you need :)

sarahjane123 :

yes tinabella
send me a message and i will give you all details you need

Can you send me her details for braids please

check your messages i have sent you a message

I am in 6 of October Egypt and looking for someone that is able to African hair braiding. Can you help?

Can you send me Alice's number please?

Can you please help me with the contact njmber of the lady.....Sarahjane123

HEY, Can you tell me the places/women of "making braids" in Maadi or the contacts of them?
thank you in advance.

can you send me her number?

How much does she braid for ?

check messages

Hi,Please if you still have the number for the braiding lady send it to me .Thanks

can you send me   her contact please

hi i live in maadi where can i braid my hair please?

There are a good hair salon in el golf st.his name is Osama all my foreigners friends told me he is a good salon

I see this thread is a bit old, but does anyone know where I can buy the loose hair for braiding myself. In America I usually just braid my own hair and also others, but I am new in Egypt and I don’t speak much Arabic, so I dont know where to find the hair. Pleaseeeeee help I’ve been looking for a while, is it available here?

can u pls send me the number of anyone who can do box braids at home... or the location of any hairdresser that does them...

Hello sweetie i'm looking for someone to do box braids in cairo do you by any chance still have her contact number?

Thanks x

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