Moving to Mauritius - what to bring

We will be moving to Mauritius soon as my husband was offered a job there. I will stay behind to tie up loose ends and pack.

Please offer tips on what to bring? We understand many of the rental houses are furnished(we were told we will be given the value of a 2 bed furnished house but can upscale)? If so what does furnished mean? Large appliances like fridges etc too?

Are voltages the same so can bring our appliances over? Plug points? Different than SA? We understand our Cadec gass bottles are useless to bring over? No adapters?

And is it worth it to take a crash course in French? Or rather Kreole? Found out an ex-pat Mauritian lives in our area and she is willing to tutor me.

Any advice would be appreciated please.

We are moving from Roodepoort, Johannesburg, SA

If you already there now please advice me as I'll move soon there as well . I'm from Egypt . I'll be in Grand Baie

Not yet. Will be moving in 2 or 3 month's time.


Yes, furnished should mean things like a fridge and washing machine. We have included kitchenware, TV etc as they were there anyway. I'd check with the agent or owner of the particular property.

Acquaintances have told me that SA is a lot cheaper than here so bring a lot what you regularly use if you can. e.g I buy a lot of toiletries and vitamins, kids toys etc when in Europe.

Devices have either two or three pins and so adapters are handy. I don't know re: the voltage from SA. 

Check what you can take into the country without having to pay duty on it as you are not a returning citizen. You should find information on threads here if you run a search.

Definitely try and learn some French and Kreole though most people speak at least some English and often are fluent.

I hope that helps a little.

Thank you Wandlewed it helps alot. We not quite sure how big the container is we will be given but if large enough will bring my small car for me to drive around as husband's will drive Co vehicle. We hear cars are extremely expensive. If we are given a container, would we still pay duty on things we bring?

You're welcome. Although you may be given a container by his company, you will be required to pay duty, or not.

I'm not sure about personal goods e.g. appliances and TVs, if they are used but am almost certain you will have to pay duty on a car. And, what I've heard from others, this can cost a lot, to the extent it's not worth importing a car. My wife is from here and was not eligible to import a duty free car as she's visited and stayed here too much over fifteen years.

Cars are expensive here but it still may be more cost effective than importing.

There is a lot of detailed information on other threads about this kind of topic so I'd suggest using the search function and you may get more detailed and relevant answers.

I appreciate your insights. Will try search again. Maybe try it on my laptop as it did not display results in previous searches via phone.

When house-hunting last year I found that furnished generally meant set up for long term holiday lets so I could have brought very little.  However, it is nice to have some of your own things and obviously the quality may or may not be the same.  Some of the things I would still bring with hindsight apart from clothing and accessories are:

pillows (if you are fussy), sheets, towels, cutlery, wine glasses, favourite kitchen gadgets and utensils, photos/photo frames, TV (if you want more than one), DVD player, clocks, radio-alarm clock, LED torches and possibly bed-side lights and pictures.

Put make-up in your luggage - I had to pay tax on what was shipped
Medicines - prescription medicines must come with you and have a copy of the prescription available.  Over the counter stuff - you may want to bring what you usually have for such things as colds/flu, upset stomach, etc. as they may not have the same brand here.

I would also check with your shippers as to what they will/will not include.  If it is a corporate arrangement then you may find certain valuables, alcohol, liquids, foodstuffs, etc. are not allowed.

Packing tip:  if you are shipping handbags and shoes make sure that the packers stuff them properly and/or put in shoe boxes.

Hope this helps and good luck with the move.

Thank you so much jkev! That is what I needed. We only heard a week ago and only have 2 weeks left. So not alot of time to get to grips and know how to pack. We have never been in Mauritius so people with experience help so much. You helped my scattered mind focus. Thanks again.

That is a tight time frame.

Some packing tips:

-start sooner rather than later. It can take longer than expected;
-keep an inventory from the start;
-number the boxes and write on outline of the contents on them;
-get help;
-if buying packing boxes opt for more small and medium sized ones. The big ones tend to get too heavy and the bottom can give way;
-identify the basic minimum you need on your last day e.g. to boil water and eat;
-you can buy LCD sized TV boxes and pad it with pillows etc;
-balance out boxes with heavy and light items e.g. books and bed linen.
-send as much of your clothing as you can to free up space in your suitcases.

Good luck!

Just to reinforce the packing tips.  If you are splitting your things between being shipped, stored and remaining in the house -  I would ask for labels from the shippers now.  Mine never arrived and it was a nightmare trying to do it on the day.  You are likely to have more than one person packing things so if you have the option of friends/family being there on the day to help that is ideal.  You should also create a list of your things for each category (ship/store/stay) with an insurance value.  Make sure that any receipts are accessible and if you are bringing any jewellery, it is a good idea to get an insurance valuation done before you leave.

Also I would suggest that if you have winter clothing and accessories being stored, then move them into separate wardrobes/chest of drawers ideally in a different room.  I did it for some things and that worked fine, but where one drawer was for shipping and another for storage, it sometimes ended up in reverse or everything being shipped/stored.

I would recommend that the other thing you need to do is to take the opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of anything that you no longer use/wear, etc.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much for your tips. Please keep them coming. I am quite frustrated as the HR of the Co husband is going to work for only comes back today and we have no details. He needs to leave in 2 weeks time and I will be on my own to pack and Org everything else. We are renting at the moment so will most likely give away or sell what we don't take. Which would be easier to decide if I knew what will be in the furnished house they give and the size of the container they offer. Seeing as it is apparently too expensive to take my little car over there should be lots of room. And I will then need to sell my car too before we leave. Phew, writing it all out like that is making me more nervous😅

I think that the thing to remember is that you can actually buy most things here.  Yes sometimes they are more expensive, other times they are not.  Check if your husband is  going to get a disturbance allowance so then you know you can just go and buy things.

If you husband is going ahead of you, make sure that he takes everything he needs for business and leisure.  If he is flying business then get him to take a second suitcase, even if he is flying economy it is worthwhile paying for a second case (possibly with some of your things) rather than have to wait for it to arrive by ship. 

By the way, remember it is winter here at the moment and although we are still in summer gear during the day (unless you are staying on the central plateau), you will need a sweater/cardigan/light weight jacket for the evenings and possibly a raincoat.  Don't forget umbrellas.

We will be in the North of Port Louis. Grand Baie.

I was wondering how cold it gets there? Am I ever going to wear my boots again or should I sell or give them away here? Jerseys & polar necks? Denims and tights I might use again but vests, long johns and gloves are going to the needy.

Husband is a bear and barely wears a jacket in winter here in Jhb. We bought him some lightweight pants & denims to take over, but summer wear only comes in end of July(he lost some weight thus need a few things).

Have a few umbrellas and drymacs I will set aside, to pack on top.

Good idea for him to take a second suitcase with some more essentials.

You wouldn't still have a list you used when you moved? Will help me see if I forgot something on mine.

I am still busy organising with our bank for his credit cards to work over there and closing accounts we won't need again. Still waiting for some documents from home affairs as well. No packing whatsoever have taken place yet. I will have till Sept to tie things up here as well as work my notice. He will start there in Aug already.

All family and friends tying up our weekends as if we will be dissappearing from the planet.😄

Really appreciate your advice.

Missed your message. Thank you. I have to pack in two stages. One for hubby and then I habe a month and half to pack, sell and plan the rest.

I love lists. It helps me focus. Will incorporate your tips into the one I'm making.

Appreciated. If you have more plse do share.

Re: the warm clothes, you might want to hang on to some of them. As Jkev mentioned, the central plateau does get cool and and this is where some of the biggest towns are. The temperatures don't drop very low but the wind can make it feel cooler than the temperature. Another factor is I think your body adjusts to the higher year round temperatures and so Winter over time may feel cooler (if that makes sense).

It is a lot cooler on the plateau than in Grand Baie.  Also you may get a bit acclimatised so find that it is cooler than you thought this time next year.

Just remember that you might go back to S.Africa (or elsewhere) for a trip in their winter and need some warmer things - I store some winter ankle boots and some winter weight clothes at a friends house - saves trying to find everything stored at the back of cupboards.  Also if you like hiking, you may want something a bit heavier weight in the winter months over here.

Makes sense and know what you mean. Lived in Mpumalanga region in SA between 2012 - 2015 and had to stop laughing at the locals in their winters jackets by year 2, as I was wearing them myself. Thank you. Will keep a few.

Hi Lizline, I am planning my move in the coming months and wanted to know what you decided to ship over. I'm not sure what it will cost to move my furniture with duty costs etc. Is it worth it? Or better to just buy new stuff there? I am leaving from JHB too :-)

Hi ... We are moving in November .. A 12m container with our whole household cost us R99000 to ship over 🙈... Furniture is pretty pricey on the island but if you are renting .. Many homes are basically furnished.

Lizzy, did I read that correct? R99000?????? As in almost one hundred thousand rands???? And then you have to pay the taxes when the stuff arrives and is assessed? Wow wow wow

That's for 52 cubic meters of our stuff .. But we also bringing bicycles, canoes etc .. Yup! Bloody crazy 😱

Lizzybron, Im not even sure that my stuff is worth that amount lol. Thanks for the info and please keep posting for those of us who are still packing…..I need all the encouragement and advise that anyone can offer. Gosh, this is scary hey?

That's what I was thinking too!! Is my stuff even worth it but its to replace it that'll cost an arm and a leg .. and also to have ones personal stuff makes move a bit easier I guess ... we are also bringing our dog and cat .. another logistical nitemare but ya .. 🤑🤑🤑

Yeah, when I was there last, I had a look at the furniture available and its uninspiring - except for a few shops in the North. I think it may be better for me to buy new stuff though - my furniture is def not work over R100k. I also need to start the process with my two dogs. Can I ask you who you are using for this so that i can start that process. Apologies for all the requests for info. :-(

I'm using Penny from Petport .. they've been great .. be warned .. it is hellava complicated and timing is crucial .. you have to get the process started at six months if not more before you intent going ..

I cant do six months - I move in 3 months :-(. On a separate note, I have a quote for R60k to move my stuff. Thats a big difference to what you paid. I wonder if there is a difference is the service that they offer and if that accounts for the large difference in quote for a container. Thanks for the referral with the pet moving. I will get onto that soon :-)

Hi Tracy. Apologies for jumping into the post, but could you tell me who quoted you R60K to move a 12m container. Regards Dean **

HI there, the quote is from MagnaThompson. T


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Hi Jkev

Where does one start when considering moving to Mauritius? What are the criteria? We are interested in looking at Mauritius as our next home, from South Africa, but I have zero information on where to start with this quest.

Thank you

Hi, can anybody help me with the starting point of moving to Mauritius? What is required from SA citizens? Do we need jobs first?

The lower quote on the container is likely to be because it excludes some things included on the higher quote, such as door to door delivery.

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