Adapting to the climate in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Kuwait is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Kuwait?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Kuwait?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

Thanks in advance,


I saw a picture of the solar system once, someone had replaced the label of mercury with Kuwait ;) Hot and sunny.

The weather in Kuwait is fantastic in Winter, Spring and Autumn.  Summer it's just plain hot! And dusty.  If you have heard of ayurvedic practice of nasal irrigation, I started this after being in Kuwait for 12 months and I do it twice daily 7 years later (infact, I've noticed even in "dust free"cities like London and Moscow, doing this is still very helpful).  This helps a lot and I've never had any problems since I started. Keep the A/Cs working well - cars need regular maintenance and for homes: be friendly with your building manager or building owner so they fix and A/C issues quickly when needed.  For the rest of the  year, walk a lot, swim a lot and enjoy the desert camping in the almost freezing winter (last winter there was snow...)

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