Fresh Milk & locally grown vegetables.

Hi everyone,
    My name is Alpa,and we are planning to shift to Mauritius within a month from Mozambique.
    I prefer using fresh cow milk and locally grown vegetables,where can I buy?Is there any home delivery for these products,we are planning to stay in quatre bones.
If possible would like to know which vegetables & fruits are locally grown.
Thanks in advance.

Re the milk. Super U stocks Mia fresh milk.
Fresh veg you can get from the market in Quatre Bornes.
Not aware of any home delivery sorry.

Thank you Daisy for your reply....

Hi there, there is a dairy in Curepipe that sells fresh milk every Thursday afternoon if you want super-fresh milk. Curepipe is a 20 minute drive from Quatre Bornes if you have a car. If not, it is quite a far stretch from the bus station, so I wouldn't advise it.

Hello! Where is it found exactly, please?

If you search for Curepipe Livestock Research Station (AREU) on google maps, you will find it. The way to get there: from the centre of Curepipe, get into the road that has Arcades Currimjee on one side, and Royal College on the other. It is the road where Curepipe police station is. Follow this main road (it isn't that straight!) on and on, past Cardinal Store and the entrance to the botanical gardens until you see a shop called Dodo shop on your right. Take the next street on the left  and right after the curve (it curves right), it is right after a little lane on your left. It has a main gate and (most of the time), a security guard there (they are pretty friendly), and they'll guide you to where fresh milk is sold in the dairy compound. It is a government-run farm.

Thank you SO much!!!

You're welcome! Have a good evening!

Hi This is Raghu. Is there any time to get the fresh milk.

Hi there Raghu. You might want to ring the Curepipe Livestock Research Station up to find out as from what time to what time you can get fresh milk on Thursday afternoons. Their number is 6703885 or 6752013. I have found the staff there friendly and helpful.

Thank you very much.

Myself, i get fresh milk from a person who comes from a village,it is pure fresh for vegetables Quatee Bornes market yes but we purchase it from our milkman who plant without using any pesticides

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