E-liquid for electronique cigarettes


Does anyone know where to buy e-liquids for electronic cigarettes?
Or does anyone know someone who sells e-liquids?

Thanks for any reply.

Hello Hannahleila

Try a facebook search 'E liquid Mauritius ' depending on the local Mauritius Buying and Selling groups you may have joined, you will surely find some deals! ( I tried and saw a lot of those being on sales )


Theres a little shop (its like in the walkway) in Trianon shopping center that sells it.  Its opposite a coffee shop near the irish entrance.

Its not banned in Mauritius?
I asked the pharmacist at Super U complex about this last year for a friend as heard it was banned and she told me it was?
So it isn't?
I just looked and seems you can buy online.

Hey i got chocolate flavour and grape e- liquid, i dont use it, i can give them to you if you want :)

You can make you own e-liquid too :)

It is banned - but openly sold on Facebook. I get mine from this source.

Thanks Nadeem I thought it was.
Are visitors and tourists allowed to bring their own supplies and vape?
Thanks  :)

A shop close to Super U, I have mine and I don't use it either, I can give it to you

Hi, can I bring it from abroad? Is it permitted?

Where abouts is this shop?

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