School or Kindergarten for my 3 years old princess in San Gwann?

Hi All,
I'm moving to Malta this summer. Before to rent anywhere, I want to ensure some proximity to the school of my daughter... some friends suggested Schiswick or another Public Kindergarten in San Gwann (I personally like this area)...
Would you please share your thoughts, recommendations or experiences?
Thanks and have a good day :)

At 3 years old children can go to kindergarten at state school and in San Gwann there is Santa Klara which is meant to be very good. My son will be three in October and will go to another Santa Klara school - Pembroke Primary as we live in Bahar IC Caqhag (my 6 yr old daughter has also been there for 2 years now). Pembroke is a very popular school with students from all over the world (Sweden, Ghana, Libya, Poland, Scotland are just from my daughter's class) but to get in touch need to live in the catchment area; Pembroke, Sweiqi, Ibragg, Bahar IC Caqhag - and the rents are quite high there! Kinder classes are all day too, with Klabb 3-16 childcare available after they finish at 2.30.
If you really want private, Chiswick house in Kappara is quite popular, but I have heard mixed reports. Private schools aren't regulated here, so you need to do your research - I know, I took my older son out of private school last year!
I hope that helps

Thanks a lot Michelle for shared info.
Do you think I should avoid Chiswich for now?
Do you think that at 3 years old, Santa Clara's Kindergarten will be a good option for my daughter?
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