Craft Beer Drinking Establishments in HCMC

I have a friend visiting HCMC next week and I'd like to take him to a few good craft beer establishments in HCMC - we will be staying in Pham Ngu Lau and Bui Vein area.........any addresses??   They had a Craft Beer Festival last year in the Park near Ben Thanh........I should have written them down........Thank You

Google is your friend!

Those are the three I have been to. Also the Quan Ut Ut restaurant does a good hoppy lager type ale.


Really appreciate it   -  he an American but has been living in London for over 15 years and only brags about English beers, I want to show him what the folks in Saigon can do.   Thanx again

Go to the one in Thao Dien and get him a pint of Jasmin ale. It's lush! But beware as it is over 6%ABV.

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